Run the London 10k for Combat Stress on July 6th!

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Combat_Stress, Feb 21, 2008.

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  1. Combat Stress has places left for people to run the London 10k on July 6th. If you are interested in running for us and raising funds to help our Veterans, please contact me on or ring 01372 841616 and secure your place! Not only will you raise funds for Combat Stress and raise our will also get a free T-Shirt to run in!!! I hope I hear from you all soon. Thanks for your help and support!
    Kelita Groom
    Volunteer & Community Fundraising Officer
    Combat Stress
  2. Wicked sounds like a good idea, can you post some more details please?

    are there minimum sponsorships, entry fee etc times of the race....
  3. Hi...That was quick!
    Thank you very much for your enquiry regarding the London 10K.
    The race date is Sunday 6th July 2008 and will start at 9.35 am outside the Hard Rock Cafe on Piccadilly.
    If you are interested in taking part in the London 10K for Combat Stress then please let me know and I will send you a registration form which you will need to complete, sign and return to me here at Combat Stress.
    We will receive race packs from the London 10K on the 27th May 2008 and then we will forward these on to you.

    We ask those who are representing Combat Stress to fundraise £150.00 in sponsorship as these places are very popular. There is no entry fee...I've already paid for 18 places.

    The website detailed below is the official London 10K website, it has lots of information including a detailed map of the route

    Best wishes and kind regards

  4. Me me me me meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

    Also think .dolly and Goaty might be up for it too!
  5. Hi Kelita,

    There has been an ARRSE team the last few years I believe, certainly last year we had a pretty good turn out and the ARRSE owners kindly paid for a cool banner which, when I last saw it, was on the shelving behind Rosie's old desk!

    Definitely count me in anyway and hopefully the usual suspects can be press ganged into a re-match as well as some new bods.

    Here's last year's thread if it's of any use to you: CLICKY

    Tip for free for all: Rosie had difficulty matching up ARRSE names and real names, so giving both when volunteering would be spiffing.
  6. Cool, I'll check my diary see if I'm available... 8)
  7. Perfect as a warm up for Tough Guy if you're still up for it my lurrrve! ;-)
  8. Tough Guy or Hell Runner? I've been checking the Hell Runner website for this year's entry info. but it seems to be as dead as a Dodo (or a Dodi! ;) ) :(

    Sooo it might just have to be Tough Guy instead. I tried to rally support for a Tough Guy ARRSE team from some of the ARRSErs at the London 10k last year but the reaction was pretty much "'go away and reproduce" ! :D

    Anyway, back on topic....... anyone else for the London 10k on 6 July?
  9. Not available this year due to a spot of Afghan, but will sponsor someone when the time comes
  10. Please Sponsor us now then lol

    Although my event has just been completed we are begging folk now to help us crawl over the 5k mark...

    Kelita i couldnt have a place for free could i as my sponsor channels are now all dried up for at least the next year or so.. :D

    I'm sure the answer is no but it always worth a go.. :D
  11. Can we make this a stickie? So more folks can see this...
  12. I will happily rob your trouser of cash DS.

    Edited to add: spoken to Kielta and am signed up.
  13. Count me in. PM sent.
  14. This post is an unashamed bump, as at this point last year we'd already had a slack handful of folks willing to have a go!

    Is there anyone else who might be up for it?

    I am not below bribing for participation!! :-D
  15. What 'services' are you offering?