Run out of bogroll



That used to happen all the time when I was a student.
I used to just strip off and jump in the shower.
3/4 of a cigarette paper, wrapped "skirt fashion" around a finger.

Use protected finger to remove sticky bits and polish ring gear.

Use remaining 1/4 of cigarette paper, folded into a small triangle, to clean under nail of dirty finger.

The waist ties in a pair of CS95 trousers. It looks like string but if you open it out it goes to nearly two inches wide.
Just run it back and forth across yer ballon knot and you have a nice clean hoop!
Easy init.
In me third year at uni we got by on a yellow pages all year. Was fun to curl one out then randomly open the 'pages to see which industry i'd be sh!ttin on that day!
the_matelot said:
Left hand
I've done that a few times.... there's something quite inquisitively satisfying about rubbing your fingers around the peaks & troughs of one's bumhole.

Last time I got a lump of butt mud stuck to my index finger and i was stood over the pan for ages flicking my wrist (Ali G style) to get it off, needless to say when it did shift, it missed the bog and hit the floor.

That ment i had to lean over a get a new bog roll out the cupboard anyway.
When cleansing my canyon if I make an error I usually end up coating the outside of my thumb with bum crayon.

Am I alone in knowing that its gonna smell lke sh1t but you can't help but have a sly sniff anyway?
During desperate moments, out in the middle of the cuds, I have been known to use a handy twig to remove the worst, simply wipe it sideways across the hoop and it get's the worst off until civilisation is reached....

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