Run out gratuity?

While on an SSC, if you choose not to renew your commission and simply run out, is there a gratuity payable when you leave?

I remember reading somewhere that there is. Not big, but about 4-5 grand if you've served more than 5 years.

Someone will know!

I dont think so. IIRC:

You only get gratuity for IRC.

End of SSC you get a Resettlement allowance, but not cash in hand. That might be the £3-4 grand you speak of.

Friend of mine ran out his SSC at the 8 year point and did loads of resettlement courses, I don't remember him saying he paid much out for them.

It might be worth checking out the pensions calculator as it gives you all the answers and you can fiddle with the dates to see what difference an extra year might make etc. Very helpful.
The first gratuity is around 9 Grand and the eligibility period is twelve years, and is all ranks.
grant towards resettlement only before end of SSC.
do 9years, then get 10K plus gratuity, eligible for that one month after maximum time for SSC runs out.
Having done this myself, I know for certain that you get:

a. No gratuity
b. A limited resettlemment allowance according to your service - not much for an SSC
c. GRT ( Graduated Resettlement Time ) according to your length of service - not much for an SSC
d. ECDL Credits - standard amount, around 2.5 grand as I remember
e. A small pension payable from the age of 60 onwards... I did a 3 year SSC and will get £1000 pa.


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