run, hide, fight - office shooter advice video

1/ Given the level of obesity in the US I would employ Op MEAT SHIELD to enhance my survival outcome.

2/ They can't be real cops turning up. They aren't wearing balaclavas with pistols strapped to every flat surface.
Apologies if this has already appeared, I did a search -

Ameican Homeland Security have funded a video about what to do if an office shooter starts blasting your colleagues away.

link here DHS-funded video gives tips to survive a shooter -

I quite enjoyed it. It lasts 5 minutes, so can be viewed in quiet moments during the Olympics.
It will take more than those four cops and some office wallah's to tackle Riddick the furyan, and stand by when he removes his shades and really gets going.
Have you got red hair and a fondness for late night movies? ^^

Just off to watch it. Hope they can take a joke at the cinema...
You could try congratulating him on exercising his 2nd Amendment rights.
Call his gat an assault rifle, then he won't be able to resist stripping it down to show you it has a semi-auto bolt carrier. Meanwhile you can twat him with a bust of Gen. Robert E. Lee, that'll confuse the bugger.
I wonder is dogging a good idea in this sort of situation?
If everyone carried a gun, He'd be toast.
I had similar thoughts . . .

The late night cinema shouting in the ‘States, was shown about the same time as - within days of - the coverage of the two hoodlums that tried to rob folk in a USA internet café.

The old fella at the back of the internet café, saw them off when he produced and started shooting at them with what looked like a Ruger .380 LCP . . . . . other such “pocket guns” are available !!

It would probably have taken only one such similar resolute person in the cinema (prepared to draw and fire his CCW), to have saved an awful lot of fatalities!

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