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Mark allinson is just about to complete a run across the us of a, that's 3100 miles in 100 days. All expenses found out of his own pocket, all monies raised being split between 2 charities...not military but worthwhile all the same.

Last heard he has 35 miles to do before the end of the day eastern time. Staggering effort, although he is suffering now.
Update from his twitter account he started with 55 miles to do, has so far done 28 today....27 to do... 8 miles until he gets to new York, then onto coney island pier to finish it off....
Geordie Finished at 0730 uk time sprinting along coney island pier! Thats 3100 miles in 100 days if you take time differences into account.

I can't even get me head around it, never mind do it!
He's just been on the local news...3 hours sleep in 4 days....ran 22 of the last 24 hours....finished at 7.10 uk time, not 7.30 which meant he had 50 minutes to he complains about blisters.....

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