Run Dext Run - Diary of a Runner (Warning may contain zombies)

I mentioned this online story on the "Surrounded by Zombies" thread a few months ago, but thought it deserved a wider audience.

It's quite an interesting tale (well I think so anyway) of survival and death in a USA that is in the throes of a zombie apocalypse.

Diary of a Runner is not about a hero. It is not a romance story where everyone lives happily ever after. It is an ongoing tale of survival horror. It is more than just blood and guts and zombies. It seeks to challenge your own moral compass and ask difficult questions while using the apocalyptic scenario as a backdrop. The material and language are often raw and graphic. Be advised

It's now up to 104 entries which can be read free online here: Diary of a Runner

Or if you'd rather read it in hard copy, Volume 1 can be bought here: or on

Have a read, and let us know what you think.


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