Run-away L60 anyone?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by StumpyHussar, Jan 1, 2006.

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  1. When training at s1tty Catterick back in 1977 as a driver I was told that the L60 had a tendancy to run-away. When I got to the regiment in 78 (after firefighting in Glasgow for Christmas because of our gallent cowardly, grasping, striking firemen :evil: ) I went on my first ex on Soltau. This tank was the tank from hell, everything went wrong with it the genny packed up, the gun kit went after a week and I had two pack lifts but was never towed which I took some pride in.

    On a bit of a tangent we had a few tanks off the road due to lack of OEP 220, was this the result of another strike?

    Anyhoo I had the tank in line waiting for the washdown before being taken back on Antars, I jumped out to have a wee and the bloody thing died. Wouldn't start again for love nor money and had to be towed through. As she was a dead duck I was sent back and the mojos (WHY were they called that?) loaded the cow up.

    The next day I was sitting in my room in senny and heard an explosion. Turned out that a VM called woody tried to start the b1tch after it was off loaded and it ran away, he stupidly sat in the seat waiting for it to go and set the fire extinguishers off but the tiffy pulled him out before it went. Next day it was REAL surprise to see my little tank so nadgered. Lifted the back decks to see the twyfold coupling almost straight and both fans had been destroyed.There was a huge hole in the top cranck case where a piston had come through and the fuel panniers had bled all the fuel into the hull. Th bottom of the turret floor was covered and it was almost over the drivers seat. As the scabby driver it was my job to sort it out for back-loading.

    Dispite the training warning I've never met anyone else who has had direct experiance of a run-away. Has anyone else had this? (And please no stories of a mate who knew a blokes wife whos brothers husband had it :wink: )
  2. Had 2, once with pack being run up outside the tank, tiffy took one look and headed of for cover very quickly followed by rest resulting band was impressive bits of L60 everywere. Second was in the tank itself, had come out few days late for Soltau and founf Tp Ldrs had nicked me panzer as his had died. New pack fitted and off we went with REME 434 following, got this sensation that we were going quite fast (REME said that all they saw was a burst of smoke from exhaust then it was off like a rocket) Faster and faster we went speed would not let us change down so turning was bloody hard, eventually hit the training area and by trying to go up a hill in high gear it finally died a death, the emergency cut out switches did nothing at all. So later on REME caught up and yes you guessed it!! a new pack needed. All very scary buy luckily no box tops on road.
  3. Is this the portable fire extinguisher and rag to cover the exhaust and cut the engine?
  4. Have had the pleasure three times.
    Once when running up a pack on a home made run up rig on Soltau after changing the FIP. Started OK but after a few minutes it decided it wanted to run to destruction. I think the 2 of us running the pack up broke the 100m record that day as we legged it to cover.

    Once when checking a pack that had been casreped for excessive oil consumption. Ran the engine to check the oil consumption figures on the casrep report were correct. Stood on the back with the rads up and wham, run away!!!! Some nutter jumped into the hull and emptied a fire extinguisher into the blower. That stopped it!! As we walked back to the tank all we could here was the crew taking the piss out of the nutter who stopped it.

    Last one was in BATUS many moons ago. Fitted a new pack to an MBT. Me and a mate took the panzer on what was supposed to be a short test run. Wham run away!!!! Managed to stick it in top gear and had a great time breaking the land speed record for a chiefy( probably not very fast at all, but it felt fast at the time) as we tore around for 3 or 4 minutes before it blew itself to bits. Good fun while it lasted. Unfortunately for us we had to go back to the FRG hut and collect another pack and fit it. Another fun filled day on the prairie.

    Mind you, we used to pull all sorts of tricks to write off rougue packs. Seen lots of funnies with L60 including pistons sat on GUE's, 1/2 a tywflex missing after a days motoring and packs not starting because someone left the blanking plate on the blower hole when the hopper had been taken out for work. Lots of scratching of heads over that one.
  5. Tiffy its fun though isnt it? BTW did you get the Pm?
  6. Showing your age abit!! 8O 8O 8O 8O
  7. How do you reckon Tiff is showing his age? is it cause he is talking about Chieftain L60 cause if so dont forget that variants are still soldering on (although not for much longer)
  8. Thank you for the feed back.

    Not really a surprise that the LAD have the most input!

    Why though was my scabby panzer back-loaded for repair when most of yours were just another pack lift? is it because of the damage done to the lower feed tanks that we had?

    Also how can you force one of these horrors to run-away? I was told it was a governor problem but my son tells me it can happen with a fuel/air mix which once started is fatal. This would also explain the extinguisher in the blower sorting the problem but the conversation between the tiffy and the VM would have been interesting to watch :)
  9. Stumpy
    Not all got away with just pack lift my Tp Cpl's pack blew and took all the fixed metal pipe work with it so backloaded, mine was just a pack lift as we managed to effect a stall as not evn a runaway will go up stuipid hills on soft earth in 6th. Saw one pack fitted one side of road by tank bridge Soltau, tank move off crossed road and pack blew. Poor old L60 took some flack but right at the end it did the job but it should have been like it from day 1
  10. I'm wholly ignorant about tank engines; I'd assumed the cause was the engine running on it's lubricating oil. This can happen with diesel engines, apparently, and the only sensible thing to do is to stand clear and wait for it to seize. It would also explain why the emergency cut-out switches didn't work and why the extinguisher up the air intake, restricting the air supply, did work. I'd be interested if anyone has the official explanation.
  11. I knew I'd heard of run-away diesels somewhere; you can read some better informed (better than mine anyway) opinions here;

    That is a very good motoring forum, btw.
    One cause is overfilling with lubricating oil.
  12. LOL you could never accuse the L60 of doing that, spent most of its time dumping it all over the German plains
  13. Good site thanks.

    Interesting to see that some of the quoted examples given in that are RNLI marine engines. Again in training I was led to believe that the miserable L60 was originally a marine engine design, wonder if theres a link.

    I say miserable L60 but when we reconverted back to mk 11's doing rent-a-tank in Tidworth the engine had been more or less sorted by then. Biggest problem we had was with the stillbrew breaking our traverse gearboxes!

  14. The engines ran away because of sticky fuel pump solenoids. They could stick in or out. If they stuck in then you had to tie a bit of D10 around the linkage, pull it tight and tie it off against an engine hatch cover. If it stuck out - you were in trouble because, even if you could get the gun rear and hatches open before it ran into something, getting the rad up above the genny was another matter when the panzer was bumping about. The usual end to a runaway was the solid sound of a piston hitting the underside of the T Piece as one or more of the cylinders exploded LOL
  15. I can remember 2 in Hohne with the same tank and driver!The tank reversed into A Sqn Hanger and demolished part of it.German contracters came and rebuilt it and lo and behold the,tank ran away and knocked the wall back down.

    Apparently,if the governor,didn´t have the right amount of OM 15? the red stuff!,being hydraulicaly controlled,it ran off,the only way to stop it according to REME,was pull the fire extinguishers,to smother it.

    The Chieftain,in itself was a good tank,pity about that heap of Marine Engineering,the L60.Then again,thinking back,if the engine had been better,we wouldn´t have had F.A. to do! :lol: