Rumsfeld ordered 'ghost detainee'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Jun 17, 2004.

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    Good old George, taking one for the nation. So the head of CIA asks the Secretary of Defence to keep a Prisoner off the nominal roll, and the SecDef says "Not a problem"

    I think the band are about to strike up that perennial favourite "You can believe it if you like" :?
  2. The Nazis had a similar program for keeping folks in line. They called it "Nacht und Nebel," i.e., Night and Fog.

    If they picked you up (typically at home in the wee hours), you were logged on their books by a number, not your name.

    No one could learn what had happened to you. One day you're here, next day, you're as completely gone as if you took the rocket to Neptune.

    Nazis found it excellent for keeping would-be trouble-makers quiet, or so I read.
  3. Saw Rumsfeld on BBC24 explaining the situation.

    My that's an awful stutter you've developed all of a sudden Donny, better have the White House quack look you over for Altzheimers 8O
  4. SOP for any competent dictatorship I think.
  5. Don't get your panties in a bunch. There will be no dictatorship in the States. We've got guns, remember? :D

    Prior to 9/11, I didn't like Rumsfeld. He was continuing the Clinton plan of scaling down the military...and when 9/11 happened we were caught with our pants down (i.e., not enough active duty troops to deploy). I did feel he was an effective SOD during a time of war. He's proactive and a "take no sh*t" kind of guy. However, I don't entirely trust him. And Bush's blind faith in him concerns me. I don't like what I'm hearing. I’d love to see Bush replace him, but doubt that will ever happen.
  6. The Iraqis have guns as well - so does that mean you'll not be able to make them do what the US wants ? (Not a dictatorship of course, just "for their own good")
  7. All the US wants to do is help them establish a stable, but democratic Iraq. We're just evil like that. :wink:

    Edited to add comment:

    Saddam may have called himself a President, but make no mistake he was a dictator. Have you seen the footage of his first official act as President? It was bloody f*cking saddistic. The man is of the same ilk as Hitler. Iraq's problem now is learning how to live without their dictator. I hope they figure it out.
  8. No defence of Saddam intended - I played some minor part in his downfall while sitting in uniform behind a computer screen in the UK and feel very good about it. However, a lot of the locals appear not to be interested in what we have to offer, freedom of the press is currently curtailed (from the best of intentions I'm sure) and the locals are tooled up and shooting back.

    Now, if an armed population cannot be forced to submit to a regime they don't want ... what are we going to do about it ?
  9. Firstly, I thank you for your service and aid to my country. Call it patronizing if you will, but those who serve are appreciated and respected where I come from.

    As for me personally, I don’t care what type of government the Iraqis have as long as it’s stable, non-threatening (doesn’t promote terrorism or ethnic cleansing) and lawful. It’s their country. Let them do with it as they will once we’re out. They will have sovereignty in two weeks. We provide security for awhile…not long and then get the hell out. But that’s just my opinion…and I’m no Noble Peace Prize winner. :D

    Now back to the original intent of this thread...Rumsfeld bashing. Go ahead, you know you want to.