Discussion in 'Aviation' started by HighPressureHose, Jan 7, 2008.

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  1. First day back at work, loads of rumours about the future of Lynx. Loads of crazy ideas being banded about. Whats your take..?
  2. Enlighten us :roll:
  3. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Lynx doesn't have a future.

    Its replacement, however......
  4. What are we going to do for deodorant now????
  5. It seems that the treasury is no longer the treasury as it has no treasure. Some fat cats in the NHS have retired with the contents of what used to be in the treasury which I guess you would call treasure.

    Good old Gordon Brown, frittered all our treasure away on employing people to fudge the NHS waiting list.

    How can we be a super power when we can't even afford to give our policeman the pay rise we promised them last year?
  6. Hail and farewell to the mighty Lynx (but don't buy the new one).

    Hopefully the news is that we'll not buy more Lynx which is a procurements mess and a maritime cab anyway. We'll keep Wastelands happy with an order for some hangar doors and buy a cab that represents value and complements our other AH and SH?

    Seeing as this is a rumours thread I heard in a corridor that a friend of a bloke's wife was working through minutes that definitely said that Lynx was binned. Probably. And that we'll buy NH90 but ask Wastelands to build bits of it and jemmy some new engines and avionics into it to keep the costs up.

    Boscombe are already testing it and we already have NH90 carcasses in the 'forbidden' hangars at EGOS which could be brought into service rapidly because the Kaiser/Shah didn't buy a tranche in 200x.

    As a stop gap we will re-role Sea Kings as LBUH (new term) but really spang them up good and proper by fitting a different DIRCM so they'll all be in Fleetlands for 18 months. In the meantime at least a Regt will move to Yeovilton under Project (insert name of forgotten and expired yet worthy General here).

    See how easy it is.
  7. What are the reasons that stop us just going to the sceptics and buying a load of blackhawks off them? (like we should have for the M16)

    Suppose real point hear is what do you want your 'new' chopper to do?
  8. No we shouldn't!
  9. That argument doesnt wash as the Army decided it wanted a Recce helicopter for the "Find" role which the Blackhawk is not usually suited. It does seem odd that Future Lynx will probably be less suited to "Find" than the aircraft its due to support.

    Blackhawk would be a worthy stable mate to the Apache as long as its destined to be in the light support role which would undoubtedly reduce the burden on other rotary platforms in Theatre.
  10. It's OK they've just changed the name... :D

  11. Oh please! I always rather liked them having used them in the desert, the trees and sub-zero temperatures of Sennybridge

  12. A suitably apt name. :roll: