Rumours: Taliban head Mehsud may be dead

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Aug 7, 2009.

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    Equally it could be alleged that Osama bin Laden was killed as well.

    But this case is remakable. For the first time (as I'm aware) Pakistani officials claim that they approved alleged American strike.

  2. and thats all it is - a rumour
  3. Surprised that the pakistanis are happy to approve the strike? Why ever not? They've just been fighting the same people in the border regions.

    Times, they are a-changing.
  4. Well, if he is dead and gone to Paradise then I hope the virgins Allah dishes out are all poxed up bints saving up to be virgins :evil:
  5. I hope he spends Eternity sucking pig's cocks in Hell. :twisted:
  6. Meanwhile - back at the Mosque.
  7. When terrorists begin to threaten the very existence of the state, the state tends to respond to the threat in a much more robust manner.

    This is good news, not only the fact he was killed, but the fact that chances are the location information came from inside the Taliban.

    I hope he is being dry bummed in hell.
  8. Don't ring out the bells yet.

    Wot say you Sergei?
  9. For the first time Pakistani minister confirmed that the operation was approved by the authorities. Many (including me) suspected it. But officially the government of Pakistan use to 'protest' against American strikes.

    Unlikely Mahsud was killed (moreover his organisation denied it). And even if it has happened then new tribal leader would occupy his place soon. and he could be even more skilled (and no doubt more carefull).

    The information about Meshud's Father-in-Law is not secret. It is not a big problem to lacate his house. The house is big enough and there were 40 inhabitants. But only 2 were killed. So the intelligence must be very detailed. It must include information about date of Meshud arrival and location of the room where he was. But is it possible? Unlikely.
  10. Is it a fact? I thought it was a rumour.

  11. He has pulled this trick before. Did you lot help him?
  12. If its true then its a very good result. If however its not the good luck boys keep up the good work and better luck next time.
  13. Help? Whom? The leader of Pashtun rebels in remoter God forgotten corner of Pakistan? For what reasons exactly? It is a stupid idea anyway - to help rebels in Pakistan. Pakistan is not Georgia.

    As for the bombing... Unlikely the wife of Mehsud was killed. Suppose that you wish to prevent further bombings then what would you claim?

    They are indeed trcky people.