Rumours of New, New, New MTP?


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Well i keep hearing rumours of MTP being re-designed from the American Influenced current style, ive heard were removing the shoulder patches and tucking the shirts in? Anyone else heard this?

And they brown boots, when is this coming into action?
Gearspotter is the man to ask.....brown boots are out and about, there is s'posed to be a redesign of the jacket i.e. the padding pockets removed and less Velcro on the blanking plates, but if you bothered to use the search function you may have found this out yourself.....

Oh and MTP is the pattern printed on the cloth!

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Abn 48 (unclas)

combat uniform

1. Direction on the personal combat system – combat uniform (pcs-cu) has been amended to allow commanding officers to authorise sleeves to be rolled up during warm weather.

2. All personnel of the regular and reserve army and cadets.

• sleeves of pcs-cu jackets may be rolled up.
• the jacket is to be worn untucked from the trousers.
• direction on badges and name tapes is unchanged.
• this policy is effective from 6 june 2013.

3. In july 2011, direction was issued that pcs-cu was to be worn with the sleeves fastened at the wrists and jackets worn loose from the trousers (i.e. Not tucked in). The sleeves had been designed to provide protection for the forearms when on training and operations and the jacket had a loose fit to facilitate airflow around the body.

4. A redesigned pcs-cu jacket is due into service in sep 13 and will replace the current jacket. The forearm will have less protection which will make rolling up the sleeves easier and more comfortable. The same loose fit will be continued.

5. Commanding officers may now authorise those under their command to wear the sleeves of the current jacket, and the new jacket when it is introduced, rolled up during warm weather. The jacket is still to be worn loose from the trousers without a belt around the jacket. There is no change to the direction on badges or name tapes that was issued in jul 11.
Name tapes. Unit I'm with now has them. Bleep!
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