Rumours of chal2

Discussion in 'RAC' started by MJ-RDG, Dec 6, 2007.

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  1. Im just looking through a few posts on here and its coming to my attention alot of members are sayin that the gov are trying to cut down on the chal2's which is quite a daunting rumour to say im about to go into phase 2 at bovi, can anyone shed abit more light onto this subject so im in the clear of what the hell is going on, much appreciated lads

  2. i think i told you enough the other night they are putting the majority of them into storage till they are needed regiments will only hold about 16 tops
  3. yeye thanks for info other night think i posted this before i spoke to u thanks anyway mate
  4. sorry to drag this up yet again, looking to join up in a few weeks and my recruiter at the office said there are places open for chally 2 crew. with the OP stating they are cutting down is this a wise career move?
  5. It'll be like BAOR on active edge in the 80's when and if that lot come out of storage... 200mtrs out of camp and theres more oil on the deck than in saudi...

    I can see the reason behind it, use sim's for trg and cut the cost of the track mileage/maint etc but its a bad move all the same. Things mechanical need to be run up or else the oil seals will go.
  6. It`s called either WFM (Whole Fleet Management)

    It`s been kicking around for at least 6 years as a plan
  7. gwibo do whatever you feels right for you, something that is good for one individual may be shite for yourself, my best advice would be to look at all your options, see which careers in the army suit you best then make decision with your careers officer, try and do this before you go for your barb because they ask for your 3 choices round about then, but im sure you can change them at a later date, it all depends what you want out of your career you could always go to the rac for a few years then move onto something else.
  8. Started out life as cough 'RLC' cough, trade got disbanded so left thearmy, rejoined 3 years later and am RAC and im sure I will change again one day to get higher up the ranks, see what suits. But yeah good advice above, do what you want. Work out jobs first, then BARB and by all means change if your unhappy.
  9. I reckon it´s the Scouse(ex1RTR) contingent of 2RTR that are nicking them and flogging them to the nearist scrapyard.........they just need a good cover story! :p
  10. We'll all have more time for PT and ITD's :x
  11. haha dont say that !!