Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Devil_may_care, Oct 2, 2005.

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  1. I've heard a rumour that the Royal Regiment of Scotland (Apart from a new Cap Badge) won't be changing uniforms at all because the light bulbs in London have worked out how much its going to cost to reequip 5 battalions in Kilt Cloth they don't have!

    Anyone from Scots Div confirm?

  2. I hear a different rumour every day. I'm passed caring. Wait and See mode is engaged.
  3. The latest rumor up north :? . Is that they will not wear A and SH Tartan but will instead, due to a Quick thinking MOD cost cutting manouvre. The RRS will wear kilts made out of old G10 Blankets. :roll:
  4. I understand that our sporrans are to be sold on ebay. Instead of sporrans holes will be cut in the front of our kilts and our hairy bollocks and penises will be poked through as a cheaper substitute.

    ....Some of us of course have bigger sporrans than others.
  5. Nice hat Mr Laird...

    I've got a WW1 Royal Scots glengarry given by a long dead friend of the family (and an A&SH one from kid's CCF) if these will help

    By the way...wasn't that nice Dr Reid on our side?
  6. I doubt anyone can confirm it, but it was all predicted here some time back.

    They'll just put them in white trews and red coats.
  7. Burberry caps, kappa tracksuits and reebok classics are to be issued to all the jockanese! :D
  8. Trackies and gutties are pure dead brilliant by the way...
  9. Speaking personally I would like to see a return of the red coat. Also perhaps MOD bigwigs should consider the Brown Bess (India Patern Musket) as an alternative to the current rifle. It's track record for reliability is much better and it's hefty enough to do serious damage if you smack somebody with it.

    Perhaps the scottish regiments could be equiped with Broadsword and Targe? Or maybe Pint Pots (the knobbly kind with handles...ah those were the days...)
  10. jersy heavy wool , blue PT shorts (ridiculous ) DMS boots and socks (nylon ) rolled down .

    now that was an order of dress !!
  11. was??? Still is isn't it?