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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Next_Darjeeling, Sep 28, 2005.

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  1. In the course of one of my occasional forays onto this site (okay, so I do get hopelessly bored with my barrier duties), it occurred to me that, for an 'army rumour service', ARRSE is high on humour and decidely light on, well, rumour. Don't get me wrong. When it comes to trivial stuff (e.g. what cufflinks are de rigueur in the mess, the weight of Blessed Baby Cakes' next offspring or how often Lord Flasheart changes his colostomy appliance), the site is truly remarkable. Look beyond the apparently underemployed and overbearing clique who seem to dominate this site, however, and you will see that the really weighty rumours originate from that much-ARRSE-pilloried establishment, the press. This is the same press that many self-important ARRSErs have become so comically paranoid about.

    Post 1: "Would anyone care to speculate on when our troops might be withdrawn from Iraq?"

    Post 2: "Fcuk of journo."

    Truth be known, any journo worth his salt is going to head straight for his contacts in Whitehall, rather than wading through the crud here, on the off chance of discovering a Pulitzer Prize-winning gem (or, in the case of the red tops, they'll just make it up).

    Posters on ARRSE are constrained from publishing any rumour of any real import, by opsec and persec (or by the mods) or, in the case of the over-represented veteran community, by a lack of any current inside knowledge. Frankly, if you want real army rumours, stick with the Sunday papers.
  2. This ignores two of the fundamental principles of rumour:

    1. It doesn't have to be true.
    2. It doesn't have to be important.

    The site is (on occasion) gainfully employed by the press for anonymous quotes on military issues as serving personnel are prohibited from expressing their views in more conventional ways such as speaking directly to journalists or writing a letter to a newspaper - unless they are prompted to do so by MoD.

    On issues of importance, I would point to the electoral registration campaign as of great significance, thanks to the hard work of Hackle and Lord Garden. This made a mockery of the MoD do-nothing position and achieved something that will benefit service personnel in the future.

    The site has 10,000+ members and participation is not compulsorary.
  3. You can tell the cooler weather has drawn in - does that mean one hour on and one hour off the barrier?

    That means more time playing with the PC while you're sitting in the Portacabin 'off shift' - therefore can we expect more of your post please.

    Look beyond your criticisms and you may note a lot of people doing a lot of good and having a lot of fun.

    BTW - I've heard they're going to buy some wireless tablet PC thingys so you can surf ARRSE while you're on stag.
  4. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Kit Reviewer

    TNJ thanks for your comments, although they might have been better placed in the Int Cell or Current Affairs.
    Your devotion to the NAAFI is however, commendable.

    In my not inconsiderable experience of journos, the majority of those that write for 'newspapers' are more interested in the distribution of their story rather than the factual accuracy.

    As to their utility or value, it can normally be expressed by weight, material and speed, the preponderance of hacks being worth approximately 147 to 168 grains of Cu coated Pb moving at between 2500 to 2800 fps.
  5. So, what are you saying?
  6. Just in case anyone misunderstood - no humour intended there, we really did want them to fcuk off.

    But that is both funny and a new rumour - well done!
  7. "in the case of the over-represented veteran community"

    What's that supposed to mean?
  8. I think he's trying to imply that even though you've done 22 and you drove out the gate at 50 miles an hour and launched your ID card at the chimp on the gate, and told everyone you're glad you're outside, you may actually miss the forces and use this website as a conduit! :D
  9. Shite! you mean that I've wasted my time being all serious on this forum... when YOU GUYS have been taking the piss all along?

    I feel violated....

    (Oddly enough, the 22-ers can still spell better than any of you serving 'whipper-snappers' and 'journalists'...) where's my slippers missus??

  10. And 26 of his total of 28 posts were on the 'RAF Coppers' thread.

  11. Plenty of rumour and gossip herein. Go and look at the RLC forum's 'Today I saw...' thread, it means little to me, less to you, I assume, as a sidling MGS-type, but that does not negate its value as a conduit of rumour for those who are involved.

    You might also consider that the inclusion of 'Rumour' in the title was a function of the requirement to have ARRSE as the acronym...

  12. Mr PVRd

    I was not, for one moment, suggesting that rumour has to be true. I was pointing out that the ARRSE-originated content on this site tends to be devoid of weighty rumour and that, ironically, it is the broadsheet press that tend to fill this gap.

    Bearing in mind the British Army currently has around 112,000 regular personnel, 40,000 Territorial Army personnel, numerous veterans and other interested parties, I think 10,000 registered users is a relatively modest number. I would suggest that the regular posters on this site number no more than a few hundred. I think there is a danger that the views of a vociferous minority, who regularly post on this site, could be mistaken as being representative of the majority of the British Army.


    I did consider posting this thread in one of the other forums, but concluded that some of the replies would make it better suited to the NAAFI Bar. I wasn't disappointed.

    I am not necessarily arguing with your view of journalists. It is all the more ironic, therefore, that this site is so heavily reliant upon them as a source of momentous rumour.


    My point was, anyone asking a question similar to the example I posted, is immediately assumed to be a journo, a point which, by your reply, you have simply reinforced.

    Incidentally, selective quoting is also a journalistic favourite.


    It was an observation that the opinions of ex-Army personnel, which seem to predominate here, are not necessarily representative of what is happening in today's Army, even though many such opinions tend to purport otherwise.


    I acknowledged that there is, indeed, lots of rumour and gossip on the site. It is the quality, rather than the quantity that is questionable.

    The individual regimental and corps forums no doubt fulfil an important need, but they are necessarily parochial in outlook.

    'Ranting' could have substituted 'Rumour', without any loss of ARRSE


    Please see above.
  13. Excuse me if you feel I am ignorant or maybe I am being thick but what exactly are you trying to say - some of it makes sense and some of it is contradictable! ahem!!
  14. Well, The_Next_Darjeeling, you seem to be good at finding (ostensible) fault with ARRSE. So how about letting us have the benefit of your wisdom and making a few suggestions that you think would improve on our primitive efforts, since I've noticed that you've yet to start a thread.


  15. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Kit Reviewer

    Had you posted in CA you would have found the replies to be different, in wording at the very least.

    Seen the sign on the door ?