rumour controll the new deepcut

god its started allready ,just got home she who must be obeyed tells me that the whole of blandford town is talking of the pending newspaper report that blandford is the new deepcut due to the hundreds of suicides due to bullying sorry are we saying please to loud ,is thier morning cuppa not hot enough,perhaps we should make thier lockers bigger so they can put more than a hundred x box games in them i on the correct lines or am i missing the point
Jorno alert
Hmmm...Hansard would seem to indicate otherwise.

In fact, Catterick actually seems to be the worst, followed by Arborfield of all places. That said, it is slightly dated, but I wasn't aware of a mass cull being perpetrated at RSS in the recent past - any scalies care to let us in on their grisly secret? ;)
There was one last year. Unknown reasons. Nuff said.

And the papers already knew about it so any jornos, **** off ... :x
The story was so important, they didn't bother running it last week, as they planned.

Plus of course the last death was months ago - finger on the pulse these journos.

Both 'recent' deaths were recorded as open verdicts by the coroner in Dorchester, not suicides.

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