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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bigjarofwasps, Jun 22, 2007.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    Can anyone confirm this rumour for me.

    I`ve been told that my unit won`t let anyone volunteeer to deply to Afganistan, until they`ve done a tour of Iraq. Has anyone else come across this or is it a purely Yeomanry thing?

  2. Boll*ks
  3. WHAT a load of crap
  4. Sounds like they're trying to force you to do Iraq.
  5. It is a load of shite..
  6. Our unit's being pinged for Afghanistan and Kosovo at the moment, but not Iraq...I'd say you're being had.
  7. Thought it might be a pile of shit, to be honest. The cherry on the top was the biggest pile of steaming dog shit, when it was stated, that you can`t do a UN tour of Cyprus, until you`ve done Iraq & Afganistan. Like you`d want to waste 6 months of your life, with the UN in Cyprus!!!!

    On a plus note, its nice to see that after all these years duty rumour is still on the ball :x
  8. Is it a Yeomanry thing? Hmmm.

    BJoW, I had a dream about your question last night. It went like this:

    Interior. Day. A sixtysomething man in uniform is spinning around and around on his chair, giggling. A knock is heard at the door. The spinning stops.

    PSAO: Woo! That never gets old. [Louder] Come in!

    A young man in British Army combat uniform enters the room, coming smartly to a halt and throwing up a millimetre-perfect salute.

    PSAO (suspicious): LCpl BJoW, what do you want?

    BJoW: I want to go to Afghanistan, sir.

    PSAO: Great! Available for mobilisation, then? Right. Iraq it is!

    BJoW: I want to go to Afghanistan.

    PSAO: Er, no. The Royal Loamshire Yeomanry's affiliated unit, the 19th Heavy Dragoons, are about to go to Iraq. Not Afghanistan. Got it?

    BJoW: I want to go to Afghanistan.

    PSAO: The RLY, of which you are a serving member, is committed to provide the 19th HDs with a troop for OP TELIC 14. If you're available for mobilisation then that's where your regiment needs you to go.

    BJoW: I want to go to Afghanistan.

    PSAO: The 19th HDs are short of blokes. That's where the need is for fine yeomen like you. The RLY and 19th HDs need you in Iraq!

    BJoW: I want to go to Afghanistan.

    PSAO (getting a bit tetchy, although clearly he has been here before): Look. If you go with the 19th HDs, many of whom I have had dinner with, you stand a chance of doing a useful employment which remotely relates to your TA career. So: [pauses for effect] Iraq is where you're most needed and where you stand the best chance of doing something other than spending sixth months in a sangar.

    BJoW: I want to go to Afghanistan. Shaggy from B Squadron is going to Afghanistan.

    PSAO: Cpl Shagdust has done two tours in Iraq. He's a maniac. They've had enough of him over there. Plus he's done underwater knife-fighting, and you haven't. Iraq!

    BJoW: I want to go to Afghanistan.

    Exterior. A dusty airbase. A clapped-out airliner lands. BJoW emerges at the top of the stairs, and looks around.

    BJoW: I don't like it. I want to go to Iraq.
  9. Like it Dr E.

    Are you a PSAO by any chance?
  10. Makes for a good chuckle in the small hours.
  11. Argh! Not even remotely.

    It's just that after years of study, I have got inside their mindset.
  12. You spend your drill nights spinning around in your chair? :D
  13. I wouldnt worry to much because that little war is going to be running for a while yet and you will get the oppotunity to go. I think that the TA is getting bored with Iraq as we have all done a tour there so now we what to have a tour of Afghanistan just to add to the collection!
  14. Dr E, I thought it was my PSAO except that he didn't finish the conversation with "Happy days!"
  15. Had a conversation with some general or other a while back .He was disapointed that their was absloutley no enthuasim for iraq .Everyone been there
    and afgan seems more of a winner.You try and run a war on volunteers
    if its not popular you dont get volunteers .