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The search of No 10 looking for dodgy emails turned up Our Tone's Christmas message to the faithful. Included in it was this
The British army have been very busy as always, but times change and we are having to do away with some regiments (no, not by sending them to Falluja, thank you, Jacques). Last year I said that there would be peace in Iraq in 12 months time, and nothing has made me change my position that there will be peace in Iraq in 12 months' time. I was very gratified when President Bush told me that using British troops to replace Americans in the most dangerous zones this autumn was crucial to a victory he'd been planning all year. Indeed Dubya himself said that whenever he felt he might have been licked, he knew Tony Blair was right behind him. Like everyone else, I watched the presidential election and after his success I called the president to congratulate him, told him I looked forward to our two nations continuing to work together and cementing our special relationship. Then the message tape ran out.

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