Rumour: Bin Laden dead! Said to have died of typhus

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Kaye, Sep 23, 2006.

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  1. This is from a French newspaper: (The translation is mine, so it could be dodgy)

    PARIS -- Osama Bin Laden died in Pakistan last month. The leader and founder of the Al Qaeda terrorist netwok has succumbed to typhus. This is from a leaked report by the French intelligence service. Thus reported the regional newspaper L' Est Republicain.

    The report is dated on 21 September and is supposedly based on information from ' reliable Saudi sources.' A spokesmen for the French Defence ministery, when confronted with the rumour last Saturday said that an investigation would be launched after the leak with the intelligence service.

    The ministery would not confirm the information in the report. A spokesman with the Pakistani interior ministery said not to have any information about Bin Ladens possible demise.


    The French president Jacques Chirac also stated on Saturday that the report in L'Est Republicain is "Not confirmed in any way." He said he was " surprised that the paper printed such an article."

    The Amerian antiterror services stated that they could not confirm the content of the report. "It is very much possible that this has been spoken about but we cannot say that we can confirm this..." said a highly placed offier.

    A video is here:

    So far the article. Would be nice if it were true though...

    Edited to fix my spelling... bloody foreigner!
  2. no way dude
  3. like that will make a difference,

    We've pissed off enough people over their to keep AQ recruiting for years!
  4. It's becoming a bit of an actual news story now. It's on the BBC news site and as I write this CNN is saying he isn't dead but he is seriously ill.
  5. Personally I would like him to die with a rusty morningstar shoved where the sun doesn't shine after he has been injected with a mixture of pig's blood and raw alcohol.

    rant ends....for now
  6. I'll believe it when his rotting carcass is safely in our hands.

    If true...I hope he went screaming into oblivion.

    My only question would be who in hell was letting him have dialysis... hardly a boots special...
  7. If there is a God....

    Link to the rest of the article.
  8. So his 2IC will take charge and then we'll spend years hunting the new leader.

    Its never going to stop its only going to get worse...

    Until the revolution that is.
  9. if true, I too hope he died a slow and painful death, although I'm sad to say that it's not going to change anything, even if it is the truth.
  10. Agree that even if he is closer to Allah it doesn't change anything.
    I was really rather hoping we ended up catching him and locking him in a cell with nothing but a diet of pork.
  11. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Are Arsenal playing at home?
  12. Good point. Until we see his rotting carcass we'll have no proof and they can claim he's still alive when he should be 150 years old.

  13. I agree with that. Just like we needed the corpses of Uday and whatshisname Hussein and had Hussein Sr alive. That didn't put an end to all the trouble but it did proof to everyone involved that we had some success.

    The way things seem to be going with OBL he'll become a perverted sort of Elvis. He'll become a ghost.
  14. There isn't.
  15. DGSE based its report on the Saudi intel service. According to the report OBL died of typhoid on august 23rd.

    The Saudis kept things under wrap because they only wanted to publish it when they had a body to match their claim. They are reportedly searching for a grave in the tribal area's of Western Pakistan.