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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by no1cares, Jun 29, 2006.

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  1. that DS at Blandford are going to receive LSSA. I have a brother-in-law there and he says this will begin in Sept.
  2. Eh? On what basis could the system possibly award Longer Separated Service Allowance to people in a static posting? The longest that they are separated from their singlie bunks or married quarters is from breakfast time to lunchtime...a whopping four hours. Sounds like a load of rubbish. Surely there's slightly more specific criteria than simply being DS in Blandford.
  3. Can we just start our own rumours here?

    If so I heard that techs will wear a lightning bolt (badge) on their twos to show how great we are....

    Any other rumours?
  4. Supervisor pay will begin on April 2007 and will be £15.01/day!
  5. Cadets are being sent on ops in Afghanistan/Iraq, and are being used to support the special forces.

    Also used to fly AAC helos.
  6. When the new service dress comes in to replace No2 dress, you need to wear a name tape and a TRF.

    And a woggle.
  7. and the beret is being replaced with a addidas cap.... which is worn to the front for all non techs
  8. And if that were to ever happen, i'll bear my arrse in Burtons.
  9. don't shoot the messenger people
  10. Is that another rumour....All former data bops may now be shot on sight as a pension cost cutting measure?
  11. who told you that?? I got wind of that last week from smudge.
  12. F@ck Burtons - I'll dance naked round picadilly circus! But then I'll be staying at the Savoy that night!
  13. LOL. Just think more attractive continuance would be! Mind you we already have far too many people on continuance, doing 'jobs for the boys' and stopping promotion for the good guys and girls that are out there.

    Rumour 1. All people serving on continuance will be re-capbadged with AGC badge, like MPGS.

    Rumour 2. SOinC will release a policy later this year that all RQMS (Tech) posts will be no longer RD jobs but specifically for Tech Sup Specs on promotion to WO in trade.

    Rumour 3. The Corps is about to announce a proper career progression for Lineys and EDs, rather than expecting them to change to RD wannabees as soon as they get to fullscrew.

    Rumour 4. DCCIS to pay a bucketload of cash to get the mobile phone infrastructure improved in Blandford in an attempt to help engineer our comms!

    Rumour 5. Princess Diana didn't die in that crash, she's working undercover with the Black Watch in Deepcut and is about to become the first badged SAS female.


  14. Funny until you bought the death of Diana into it. She did die in a car crash.
    D - ied
    I - n
    A -
    N - asty
    A- ccident.
  15. Turn upto our bays on a monday morning and see what we have to work with in there, and i dont mean the rovers.