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Discussion in 'RLC' started by TA(BW)Stickie, Sep 24, 2007.

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  1. I've been speaking with a few friends that are not happy at the moment with there unit and are considering changing to RLC from Inf but they had a few questions ill start with the most important one! Is it true if you want to join the Army but don't want to lose your sex life you should join RLC? Also is it true that fitness and PT involves a Xbox and some cookies?

    Thanks in advance for any light yous can shed on these rumors!
  2. You're thinking of the RA ;)
  3. I thought it was a PS2 not the X box
  4. Behave, nobody uses the PS2 anymore. They are all in museums now.
  5. My bad
  6. Regardless of what anyone says I have not been to a RLC unit yet that doesnt take PT seriously, The RLC has a big chip on its shoulder about the perception some Corps have of us and makes up for it by pushing its troops harder on PT. Also for the record I have seen some Inf retrades come through where I work who were fat wasters.
  7. You guys are better of in the infantry. Transfer to the RLC and you will lose your high pay band, unless you go Chef or AT (and duty rumour has it that chefs are losing their high band). Promotion is not easier, it is still on the same merits as everyone else.

    As mentioned before phys is taken quite seriously, however i can see infanteers getting frustrated as they see people with golden biff chits getting away with blue murder.

    If you want to a trade join the RE, REME or Sigs.
  8. i find it hard to believe that you've got any friends which is why you probably joined the TAs

    definately, we welcome all don't even have to be a public school educated officer to be gay in our corps

    not sure about that....i've been on the sick since 1996 and haven't done PT since...oh how i laff at all of those warry types getting hot and bothered and shouted at by nasty serjeant majors!
  9. You're getting mixed up with the seppo kit, it's sega megadrives...
  10. Dingerr, is my general malaise and negativity (re: the Corps) starting to migrate to the world of the AT? Sending potential transferees elsewhere? Tisch Tisch, whatever next?

    Just a point of order; I am fairly sure that AT's and Chefs are not the only pers in receipt of Higher band pay. Pet Ops get it (LCpl/Cpl/WO2/WO1) and I can't see the JSJET removing Higher Pay from the egg welding fraternity in the near future (has the job changed suddenly?). I am not sure but I think Dvr Rad Ops are in receipt of Higher Pay as do Marine Engineer/ Seaman Navigators/ Air Despatchers/Photograper. I stand by to be corrected as, already mentioned, I am not 100%.

    As far as 'trades' go, Dingerr may have hit the nail on the head. As an example there is absoloutly feck all by way of accreditation for my trade and the RLC seem to have missed the ferry on this one. I will be leaving the Army in just under 5 years time with the sum total of a C+E driving licence (not required nor wanted) and a big bag of chips covered in p1ss and vinegar. The RE/ RSigs/ REME etc are streets ahead in this respect and seem to value their soldiers, tradesmen and officers far above the standard set by the RLC. The Corps continue to mis-represent my trade at all levels and continue to make promises and assumptions that are both unwarranted and untrue, the look of comprehension dawning on phase 2's faces as they realise they will not be getting their 'I can operate an oil rig' licence is a pleasure to behold.

    Nice to see some 'bitchin' from an AT for once. Careful mind, you'll get tagged!
  11. I take it you are attached to The Rifles or have they dropped the requirement for spelling at Sandhurst? Tisch Tisch.