Rummys Gone

AP just started reporting that Rumsfeld is stepping down.

Bush going before the cameras at 1800Z.
Good. Now bang the speedkuffs on him.
I knew at the time I should have shot his Herc down at Basra Airport in May 03. Fcuking dirty fingered tw@t. He is part of the problem.
If the Democrats win the Senate, apparently they can call for any inquiry on any subject. May I humbly suggest a full and independent inquiry into every aspect of this tw@t's behaviour over the last 3 decades?

They may turn up some pretty unsavoury details, particularly around the months and years running up to 9/11.
President set to make a 'major announcement' at 1800 EST I think?

Not sure if it's Von Rumsfeld, or announcing an investigation.

Virginia may go legal. FFS , relying on the GOP Judges again in Supreme?
Robert Gates (Daddy's DCI and current President of Texas A&M University) is expected to be nominated as his replacement.
crabtastic said:
AP just started reporting that Rumsfeld is stepping down.

Bush going before the cameras at 1800Z.
Bush eating crow, God I admit I love it. Needed a two-by-four plank upside the head in the form of an electoral disaster to get the message through to him.
Hope Blair (wrong country, same Govt) follows suit.
If (and I so hope they do) the Dems do win the Senate they should be calling for the impeachment of Bush. They tried to impeach Clinton for having consensual sex with an intern for goodness sake, and yet they're not impeaching Bush for raping a country?
crabtastic said:
AP just started reporting that Rumsfeld is stepping down.

Bush going before the cameras at 1800Z.
I stayed up late, pulled out a small-batch bourbon to sip on and watched the Dems sweep up seats time zone by time zone. Enjoyed watching FoxNews most of all, they looked like they were presiding over a funeral. I swear to God some of them looked like they were ready to cry.
This totally unconfirmed but latest word (delivered in a breathless phonecall) from my "sources" is Rummy did not jump. He was pushed by those close to Dubya. Apparently the Whitehouse chief of staff Joshua Bolten, and some others gave the president an ultimatum: Rummy goes or we do.

Again totally unconfirmed but if true there is possibly signicant other changes on the way. Cheney might very well have one foot out the door.
Dr. Gates is an interesting cove. Old school CIA. You'll remember them , the ones that said "WTF are you talking about, Iraq and WMD's?" The ones that von Rumsfeld didn't like the reports on Iraq from , so formed a new body to tell him what he wanted to hear?

I sense there are changes coming, and maybe some 'close advisors to the President' should be looking at their retirement plans in Florida and Tel Aviv.
Looks like he's fallen on his sword - or was he tripped?

BTW notice John Simpson (in Baghdad) currently not wearing a poppy cf remainder of BBC reporters...

frenchperson said:
If the Democrats win the Senate
There's an "if"? They've got Montana, they only need Virginia now and Webb's about 12,000 votes clear. The last major Virginian recount (attorney-general I think) had a margin of about 390 votes and a recount didn't alter the outcome - only a few dozen votes shifted. Bring on the committees of enquiry!
Fcuk me, I step away from the computer for a few hours and look what happens.

I'm not gloating. Well, OK, I am about Sgt Rummy. But I am a bit afraid for what's coming next. Will the next response be to execute a p!sspoor U-Haul strategy for Iraq exit in order to appease the centrist voters? Is Gates to be the mouthpiece for it? Or am I being melodramatic?

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