Rummy to China: Dont Be Threatening

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Not_Whistlin_Dixie, Oct 24, 2005.

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  1. But it also has much to gain, such as several hundred megatons of instant sunshine and an awful lot of glass topped parking lots.
  2. The point of China's military buildup wouldn't appear to be to threaten the USA directly, but to make the US think twice before intervening in a regional conflict involving China and Taiwan, Korea, Japan, India, etc.
  3. I'd agree with that, I think that's why they're content with a few ICBMs for token deterrence rather than a war-fighting quantity like the Soviet Union had.
  4. Which is why US NMD is ultimately directed against China.
  5. i hope both side realise war is useless, there is no winners in a war only wasted economy and shattered lives.
  6. Now that's got to be a WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
  7. Love the sentiment (I really do), semper, and I'm on your side all the way. But when the "dear leaders" decide it's time for the sound of their balls clanging to be heard, there's not much we little people can do about it. Shame, ain't it?

  8. i know , i am a realist on that,

    This says it all really

    war will never go away
  9. With you on that one, bro. I really am!!!
    Question is why???

  10. Politicians and massive egos plus the nice feeling of balls clanging to feel super macho toward their mistresses when not servicing their wife.