Rumble! Danes vs Canucks...

It seems that Denmark and Canada are squabbling over rights to territories around Greenland..

Canada sends ships

So, where's the smart money going on this? Carlsberg crazed Danes, or Moose Milk infuriated Canucks? :D
Canada has some ships left?? I thought they all caught fire!
What do you expect? The NHL season was cancelled. They have to vent their aggression somewhere and they were evidently running low on seal pups to club.
Moose milk, moose milk, moose milk, moose......feck it NAKED BAR!!!!!!!!!
Aren't those Canadian 'warships' really just the toy 'coastal defence' ships?

Canada had a chance years ago to take claim of the North passage and all those little rocks, when they were going to acquire nuclear submarines and ice breakers. They decided to do nothing.
Naturally everyone else has moved in to the vacuum.
the_matelot said:
Moose milk, moose milk, moose milk, moose......feck it NAKED BAR!!!!!!!!!
Aah moose milk...2 RCHA recipe is:

Milk churn, four gallons ice cream, five bottles rum, some mixed spice, milk to top it up...some more rum. Add rum to taste. Let ice cream melt..rum? Thanks, don't mind if I do. Has that ice cream melted? More rum? Aah, now we can drink the moose milk!

Also known as moose sperm...nicer than aquavit anyway, so my money is on the Canadians.
Funny if not so prevalent inside NATO,
Britain still isn't on best terms with Spain over Gibraltar


Canadianguntz has been running a thread on this for a while now, funny how they get all uppity over a piece of rock that neither side can actually get to. Not as if its somewhere important like Rockall now is it? Come on Gib you really want to be Spanish now don't you?
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