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I got given a bottle of this


I have not tried it out yet but it smells like mince pies


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Pussers Rum supposed to be the closest to what we had in the Navy. Kraken or Woods both strong dark rum. There's Nelson's Navy Rum which is a bit expensive £76 a litre. Pussers Gunpowder Rum. I used to love the stuff but only have a bottle at Christmas now.


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Do y'all drink it neat then or what?
Generally neat at this time of year, i'd possibly dilute a white rum with fruit juice to make a 'long' drink in summer. never liked the taste of coke/cola so i wouldn't use that as a mixer, the Mrs. likes hers with a cloudy ginger beer. (mixer, before you lot start! ;) )


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Spytail is very subtle - and enjoyable, no harshness but a low heat from the ginger which persists.
Enjoying with a plate of cheese, pickles and cold meats.
Chairman's Reserve, from St Lucia, is a spiced dark rum to which I am quite partial. A lot smoother than something like Pusser's, which I also enjoy but is a wholly different experience.
Do y'all drink it neat then or what?
Some ,like Old Brigand and Mount Gay Eclipse are suited to mixing. Cola is the choice in Barbados but ginger ale/beer is gaining popularity. Cockburn is only palatable with a mixer IMO.
Spiced rums are taken neat as are premium rums such as MG Black Label and XO.
White rums are diluted unless you are a fixture in a corner of the rum shop.
By and large rum is akin to whisky/whiskey.
IMO spiced rums are acceptable but "botanical" rums are only a short lived fashion thing.
BTW, The Kraken is Barbados rum that is shipped to the USA to be spiced and bottled.
Just to rub salt into the wounds, 1.75 litres of MG Eclipse is just shy of £16 in Bim.
Mount Gay Rum with a good tonic is my preference. Very refreshing too if the sun hasn't quite made it over the yard arm.

I was nearly put off rum in Belize - anyone remember Charcoal? On the coast you could swap 2 bottles of Charcoal for 1 of Coke. I had local R&R but it's a blur.
At the Alma de Cuba in Liverpool they used to serve a rum platter as an alternative to desert.

Came on a trendy slate, consisting of a large (definitely more than a double) warm measure of Ron Zacapa rum, an espresso coffee, a few pieces of dark chocolate fudge and a glass of water.

The idea was to try the different items in different order to see how it altered your perception of the different characteristics of the rum - with the water to cleanse the palate.

Was definitely interesting and sparked my interest in Rum - it has never tasted as good as on that occasion though!

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Aah, ChhotaPeg, my thanks ...



I was in St Croix for a couple of months, they did their own Cruzan rum for about 7 dollars a bottle.
The local pubs sold bottles of Bud for 4, so I stuck with the rum.
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I was in St Croix for a couple of months, they did their own Cruzan rum for about 7 dollars a bottle.
The local pubs sold bottles of Bud for 4, so I stuck with the rum.
Well, no contest really ... rum always beats water!


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Woods Rum
57%alcohol by volume, by comparison kraken is 40%
£23 in Morrison’s today
Neat it is a very dark Demerara rum with quite a sting from the alcohol concentration, clears the throat lovely. Not unpleasant but a bit heavy on first tasting.
can’t describe any subtle notes in it. It’s a bit full on
I shall try it later with coke

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