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I’ve been drinking dark rum most of my life until Kraken came along and branched out into that for shorts. A few years back l had a contract in Nova Scotia and the customer along with pay gave me a bottle of this as a tip as he had a share in the company.

Oddly for a white rum it has a sweetness to it with a banana, vanilla and light oak taste, very pleasant. This bottle I’ve been nursing for a few years now as the liquor stores here in Ontario won’t carry it.


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I went to Cuba about eight years ago, I wasn't impressed with the quality of the local Rum, despite the variety available (and I kept trying it, in the hope of finding something decent), I found the standard Barcardi to be better than the more 'local' stuff - including Havana Club, only just better than red diesel...
Yes, I know Bacardi is / was a Cuban produced rum, but to an international pallette.


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Here ya go....

Drink it quick before the bottle melts....
Had this from the English Spirt Distillery for a while, better neat and in small measures as it bites.
Here ya go....
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Drink it quick before the bottle melts....
One of the lads I worked with went back to Jamaica for a funeral and brought back something similar. Brought it into work and I was the only one who could drink it. Have to say it was only slightly less gopping than Aalborg bitters.
I assume you didn't give up the bum and baccy/gramophone?

The only time I passed out cold was on Woods 100. I've never been able to stomach the smell of the horrid sugary stuff since.

I once OD'd on Woods 100. Something less than half a bottle left, said to a mate - "we might as well finish that".


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GROG = Traditionally, two parts water, one part rum.

TOT = One eighth of a pint of rum, the standard daily ration.

WETTERS = Just enough to wet your lips

SIPPERS = A small mouthfull of a friends tot in payment of a favour or debt.

GULPERS = One big swallow of a friends tot in payment of a favour or debt.

NEATERS = Rum without water.

SANDY BOTTOMS = A rare privilege, being invited to see off a friends entire tot.

2 Sippers = 1 Gulpers
2 Gulpers = 1 Sandy Bottoms

WHY 'GROG' ANYWAY? = This is attributed to Admiral Vernon who was nicknamed "Old Grogham" after the boatcloak that he wore. He first ordered this dilution process on the West Indies Station in 1740. When rum was diluted, the mixture would not keep for very long and so (in theory) could not be hoarded. Neaters was only issued to POs and CPO's and lasted longer than grog.

Rum diluted two to one that, until that black day, 31st July 1970, was issued to ratings of Killick and below. It was not issued to those marked in the Victualling Book as UA (Under Age) or T (Temperance), the latter receiving an allowance of 3d per day in lieu of a tot.

THANKS: The above information was researched with the help of the book JACKSPEAK by Rick Jolly & Tugg Wilson and Mike, a friend of the Web Bosun who served as a 'Pressure-Head'.
I have put this here so it is in the same forum as the whisky thread.
I have started taking a liking to rum, specifically dark rum.
I know very little about rum and would like to learn. I have been drinking and learning about whisky for years and enjoy hearing what other people have to say and I am hoping this thread will shed some light on rum for me.
So far I have invested in a 7 yo Havana Club and a 12 y o Flor de Cana. Both are nice but the 12 yo is better (no surprises there). I am looking for sipping rums that I will drink over ice without mixers.
I notice like whisky, rum can be aged in previously used barrells, this will obviously affect the flavour and I will have to try a few to see what's what!
Does anyone have some pointers or recommendations for me to try?
If I may, “Old Monk”, often referred to as “The Ancient Cleric” or “Doctor Monk”, is a dark rum, from the sub-continent, and is mellow, with a caramel, slightly viscous body ... my preference is with a dribble of water, and ice in summer ... if you can source it, a burrah-peg with breakfast is a marvellous way to greet the dawn. I found it to be an excellent “traveller” in the pocket-size flask, and it saw me thru’ interesting times. Here in the Antipodes I source it via mail-order from a distributor in Melbourne, and regrettably pay about 10x the price I was able to get it for whilst in India.
... and whilst in the vicinity of the Antipodes, do not, I repeat, do not, be conned into playing the Bundaberg Rum game ... it‘s “lunatic soup” sobriquet was coined for good reason, moreso the ”OP” version. They do however, some reasonable special distillations, but the prices are accordingly “special”. Nunc est bibendum.


Mount Gay rum, just for the comedy value of the name.

Get the t shirt too, for good measure.
Comedy aside its the smoothest rum I have tried.
Old J Tiki Fire 151 Overproof Rum.

It has a lovely vanilla flavour that very quickly gets overtaken by the sensation of your lips burning off.
Supposed to be used in cocktails as a little goes a long way, but it bloody lovely as a neat, sipping drink.


If you are looking to trip anyone up, may I suggest this cheeky little number:

In St Vincent they have the choice to drink it by the cap full or clean their carburettors out with it.

Otherwise Cadenheads do a rum drawn from the cask. A bit hit and miss with that as I've found one batch to be like drinking Christmas pudding and another not so.

Goslings is my treat as it reminds me of simpler times when I lived in Bermuda. Just play nicely with their 151 proof.
... and whilst in the vicinity of the Antipodes, do not, I repeat, do not, be conned into playing the Bundaberg Rum game ... it‘s “lunatic soup” sobriquet was coined for good reason, moreso the ”OP” version. They do however, some reasonable special distillations, but the prices are accordingly “special”. Nunc est bibendum.
A mate of mine from Queensland decided to drink Bundaberg with a hardened (even for Glasgow) alcoholic at a Sou'side house party one New Years, at about 3 in the morning he had to be brought in from the close to thaw out as he had been sleeping there in temperatures around -7°C instead of going straight home as he promised at about 1 AM(round the corner), that was about 1995 and I don't think he has touched alcohol since.

Arrived today.
Will post tasting notes at the end of the month.
Just ordered a bottle of Arrack. Made from palm flower sugars in Sri Lanka and closest to rum I found there. Will report on taste/effect when it arrives. My experience of it was chasing an escaped flip flop up and down Bentota beach at 3 in the morning then waking up in the hotel room with my salty/sandy clothes stuck to the walls and me like a crumpled crisp packet on the bed. I was a little delicate but revived by another one at lunch.


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