Rum Ration - Unofficial site alternative names

I think that ARRSE is great and it is only right that the Navy should have their own "unofficial" site, however the choice of name for it is some what dated and does not reflect the modern day Navy. Instead of Rum Ration wouldn't Bum Ration have been a better choice? :twisted:

Does anyone have better suggestions for the Navy site or a suitable RAF "unofficial" site name?
How about Davy Jone's locker or the Pussers P1ss Take

as for the RAF - Rolling Goat Fcuk
Hello all you sweaty Pongoes. The names ok leave it as it is.

Oh an while I`m here I just thought you`d like to know I'm still awaiting my trial for downloading that pirate copy of “Debbie does Donkies” off the arrse website, I wouldn't care but it was a crap film anyway **Basturds** The product positioning for All Bran and Viagra was way too obvious and it was spoilet IMHO by all those ads to give you an 8” prick. I mean fcuk that, I’m not cutting 4”off the end of my dick for anyone.
Anyway, I hope to avoid the mandatory death penalty by claiming diminished responsibility on the grounds that I'm upset at still being Navy and heterosexual. I'm sorry. I know that gay marriage is common place here but I just can't do it. I admit that I'm a freak but I am getting help - honest. I'm watching Richard and Judy every day, and I`m having injections but I still get a hell of an erection every time the girl from Microsoft comes round to inspect my hard drive for patent infringement.
I recon it`s a side effect from when we nuked Chernoble. Who would've known that it was the breeding ground for international terrorism? Surprised the sh/t out of me - I can tell yer!
I think I`ts brilliant us havin our own forum! Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing but the utmost respect for all you lot but for fcuk's sake, these are sweet, innocent, naive Sailerboys we're talking about here. They'll only end up being corrupted by your Pongodian values, I mean look at ya you’ve been bashing on about “how to p/ss off a Yank” for 2 days now coverin everything from the voyage of Cris Columbus to the fall of the British Empire and you haven’t even bleedin started on Nam yet, when if you still had us over here we would have told you straight away, the best way to P/ss off an American is to shag his missus when he aint looking,

Gorra go
Well thank you all, I’ve had a ball
I wish you all goodnight
I only did that load of crap
So I could get a bite

I always keep my tongue in cheek
When I come to call
I`ve also found it pays to keep
My back against the wall

For you lot always cheer me up
When I`m over here
With your gentle chidings
Delivered with good cheer

So Ren Os Dan and shadow too
And who else heaven knows,
I leave you with my rantings long
To keep you on your toes.

Truth is, the classic postings
I save for our new site
So I`m off across the border now
And I leave you with the shite!!!!

I think Sir Winston Churchill got it right.

"Don't talk to me about naval tradition. It' nothing but rum,sodomy and the lash"