RUM RATION (our RN / RM section) NEEDS HELP!!

Not current affairs exactly, but my site so I'm allowed to bend the rules - if PtP lets me anyway.

Rum Ration needs some publicity. It's going well, has some good content and users and a very different flavour from ARRSE. It is still very low profile though and needs help to reach a wider audience, and just as importantly to get in the top 10 google results for 'Royal Navy' and 'Royal Marines' so that we don;t have to pay for adverts there all the time.

So please help if you are:

Anyone who can publish web (or paper) content; from newspapers and magazines through to blogs and wikis: If you're producing anything RN / RM related please consider mentioning Rum Ration. Even better, write an article about it!

Anyone who uses other military forums and can drop a quick word in, link in your signature or mention Rum Ration in some way. We don't mind people doing the same here within reason and I suspect most webmasters are the same.

Know anyone who fits the above description - please ask them for a favour!

Thanks for your help and after a few minutes of working out where you can help, I'll let you go back to proper current affairs.

(technical bit, for those that can help. The best thing is a link with the words 'Royal Navy' and or 'Royal Marines' in the ACTIVE part of the link.)
Have passed details on to local naval ex-servicemen's groups (RNA, MNA, etc.). Will also mention it in next newspaper article that I do for local paper.

Hope this has some effect,


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