Rum, for the drinking of

got a mates birthday coming up and want to get him some decent rum (he's in the navy and seems to feel that he should live the stereotype). personally it all tastes like petrol to me so i thought i'd ask some of the piss soaked jakey's that seem to post on here for suggestions, so what should i buy?
Buy him a bottle of Mount Gay, it's a drink, it's a piss-take, all in one neat package. It's actually very good. If you want a dark rum see if you can get hold of Myers, this used to form the black layer in a 'Green Jacket' I don't really know what it tastes like but if you mix it with equal measures of Green Chartreuse and Cherry Brandy, you will become uncommonly pissed.
Do they still have stocks in an army depot somewhere. I thought you could still be issued with rum in extreme circumstances.

Stacker...stackerwhere are youuuuu
Myers is fuckin LUSH!!! Not everywhere sells it but if you have an 'ethnic' area in your town lived in by those of a Jamaican bent it's usually findable! Its got a real treacly depth to it, really rich
Your friend might appreciate a bottle of St. Vincent Sunset VERY STRONG Rum - 84.5% Alcohol by volume, 75 centilitre bottle is only 58 Euros. Guaranteed to send him blind or alcohol poisoning if he drinks too much in one sitting. Mind you does make wonderful Babas..............
"What the fucks happened to my shoes?

There's no ******* toes on them?"

Dissaproving sniff, "That's when the bar staff carried you back to the room, last night with your feet dragging behind you......"

Definetely Mount Gay.
Watson's Trawler Rum is pretty good in my opinion.
A few years ago, I knew dipso staff in Mexico City who'd kill for Appletons ....
I would suggest Gosling's Family Reserve, an aged version of Gosling's Black Seal. Made in Burmuda, UK territory.

Despite being a septic sort steer clear of all US rums, including rums from Puerto Rico, USA. Dreadful stuff or the most part that I would not buy. Only real use is the higher proof Puerto Rican rums can be useful in stripping shellac from furniture if you are planning to redo and french polish it. It smells better than methyl alcohol.

Pusser's from the BVI is also good.
Red Heart. Not sure how accurate this is but was told it got issued on ships in WWII.

Stroh 80% also good but you can't take it on a commercial aircraft as it exceeds the 70% ABV limit.
Appleton Estate Bottled or, if you've got someone going to India before then, Old Monk...

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