Rules. What Rules?????

As I understood the rules it is clear that all personnel eligible for the Beige List should be qualified in all respects for promotion. In simple terms the main criteria are:

• 3 Years as Capt (Acting or Substantive).
• 18 months Regimental Duty as a Capt (unbroken).
• 3 x MA Modules (A, B & C). (Or JCSC 57 or earlier).
• A current recommendation for promotion.

What is very confusing and quite annoying is that there are many Capts (several Inf who I know of) who were selected on BL06 without being qualified (many through lack of MA Modules). They have been selected over those officers who are qualified and have spent the time and effort ensuring that they attended all education modules in time for the list.

I wonder if there is anyone out there who can explain why this may be (either at APC or someone in the situation I talk about)? I have checked the No5 Board Practice & Precedent but cannot find a decent explanation to this bizarre phenomenon!!

Will the same people be granted a ‘dispensation’ from the ‘rules when they have not completed MK2 prior to ICSC(L) in Sep 07???
Nearly as good as 2001 when all of a sudden you didn't have to pass the IPSE with a promotion pass.

So all of those Terrys that couldn't do what was a very basic comprehension and estimate jumped ahead of those that had passed the exams.

Good for morale that one APC! Never forget that it's their train and they can derail it however they want.
Hmm... well the beige list is a long long way from where I am now....

But I have to say one of the things I find attractive about the Army is that while there are rules & regulations for everything - if there is a good reason to ignore the rule then the Army seems quite able and willing to do so. Few large organisations are capable of that and its a positive characteristic of the Army.

Tricam - agreed.

..but no so good for those that asked intelligent questions about what they needed to do, did it, and now got stuffed.


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