Rules regarding Stopping vehicle at the side of the road.

I can't seem to find an answer anywhere to this one , so basically where do I stand on my rights to stop at the side of the road for a period of time without leaving my vehicle. I ask this because on several occasions, in my town I have pulled over for one reason or another. Where I have then been approached my traffic wardens telling me to move on. I don't park in places that are obstructing traffic and not on yellow lines. Do they have a right to tell me to move? Also on one occasion my girlfriend went in the post office and I parked up in a pay and display bay at the side of the road ( road was empty with about 20 bays empty around me , so I'm not obstructing anyone), I was again approached and told to buy a ticket despite me not leaving the car unattended or I will be issued a ticket for failing to pay and display a valid parking ticket. I can't seem to find any info that tells me I have to buy a ticket even if you are not parking and leaving the vehicle , am I not simply stopped at the side of the road ? I called my local council who fobbed me off because they didn't know the answer. Any help ?

Highway code good enough? I would expect an authorized official could get you to move on from anywhere if they have reasonable cause to believe you are causing an obstruction. The Queen's Highway is meant to be a thoroughfare. I hate people stopping to answer their phone, for example, the gopping civvies.
If you're still in the car then no, it's not parked. If you are blocking access, or are causing some kind of danger or inconvenience, then yes you can be advised to move on/or ticketed/towed. The exception being the "clearway" areas, and motorways where there is no stopping at all.
Private Roads are different again as regards stopping, and access; we were told by the police that the car blocking our drive was not their problem, as the road was unadopted. They appreciated that the problem had been going on for months, but had we tried asking nicely? Since the car belonged to a complete pyscho bitch, that didn't go well,

You could of course stop kerb crawling.
If the engine is running you are stopped not parked, turn it off and you are parked, leastways that was how it went in the 80s. Now I guess there's 25 technically arguable reasons to give a ticket.

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