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Rules on wearing minatures on Mess Dress

Can anyone give me the definitive answer to this one:

Have just returned from Bosnia and I need to know if I can get a minature of the EUFOR medal and wear it on my mess dress. Although the medal itself has not been approved yet by HM, can you still wear it on your Mess Dress? People say that you can wear it on your Mess Dress as this does not offically count as uniform and you can wear any medal on it.

Incidently, does anyone know who sells minature EUFOR medals in SE England?
I am sure that your RSM / CO would be delighted to see a non-approved miniature on your Mess Dress.

Why not combine it with cowboy boots or comedy Viking style cow horns for full effect - hey, its not as if its officially a uniform.

FFS.... :roll:
Minatures on mess dress reflect those worn on service dress. So why you would want to wear unofficial medals is beyond me.

Unless of course you haven't actually got any official medals........................

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