Rules on shaving !?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by AJ1992, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. Right , I'm expecting some stick for this one so don't hold back lol

    I come from a mixed irish / English / Indian background , my father being a indian and my mum half Irish / half English decent. Up until now I have always kept a clean trimmed bit of facial hair (4-5mm) in respect for my dads religion. I am In no way religious but would like to keep the facial hair for the said reasons that in respect for my dads religion I'm expected to keep a degree of facial hair.Do I have the option or do I have no choice ?
  2. What religion are you?
  3. Whats the relevance of your exotic background apart from ticking some HR diversity boxes ?

    You will shave every day just like everybody else . Only civvies can get away with a few days stubble because its the only way some of the poor ***** have to look manly .
  4. If its your fathers religion not yours then no.
    I never got veggie rations even though my mother is veggie.
  5. I'm not religious by any means. However I do occasionally go to the temple with my dad , which would become very awkward.
  6. Are you allowed in the temple without stubble?

    you either follow your fathers religion or you dont, once youve decided that, get back to us.
  7. Then you'll be shaving. Tough shit.
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  8. Looks like I'll be shaving then
  9. She does like a bit of meat now and again.
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  10. You don't mention wether you're male or female.
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  11. Just convert to Sikhism, job jobbed.
  12. Female obviously ;)
  13. wheyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Which one's you then?

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  15. Sikhs in Britain's armed forces are allowed a beard. This must be a full beard, and not designer stubble, a goatee or some other hippy shit. However, if serving on a operational tour where there is an NBC threat, then the beard comes off as it will be impossible to maintain a seal with your respirator on.

    Please remember that at the time of the gurus writing the Sikh scriptures, there was no NBC threat as India's wars were fought with swords and spears. But if Guru Nanak were alive now, I'm sure he'd understand.

    You are allowed a tache once you've completed basic training, and you can grow a beard on leave.