Rules on personal knives?

They did used to issue a multi-tool in a dark brown cheap leather sheath.. What the arrse was it called again.... Something starting with 'Y'? Buggered if I know... However, Gerber now have the tender for putting some of their gear into the black bags, or so they said at DSEi. Anyone confirm they're now getting Gerber multi-tools in the black bag?

Sogs, that's what they're called. Black metal. Not bad, not great.
Do you mean the HESCO shite tool? Only ever any use for selling on EBAY "as used by the SAS".

I do remember a mini knife with the black back but being a stacker I just borrow what kit I need of the shelves, the lethermans multi tool was pretty good.
####Never mind about all this bollocks about the RAF Police, 3" blades, Khukris &
Commando Knives!
What a load of Crap.
The Op wants it for 'Cutting things'.......
What the **** is the good old Clasp Knife issued for then?

If you needed a Machete or a'd be issued one!

Wearing of Bowie type knives is for ******* posing *******.
Normally of the non fighting or REMF variety!:roll:
You've gotta love it though in that episode of ' the Pacific' when they assault across the airfield and that jap pops up next to the [captain?] and he sinks a k-bar into his chest and keeps moving, hardly breaking his stride.
Call me sick, but I get a semi-on every time I watch it!
Dare I admit that I posses one? I swapped it with a septic on a joint exercise once for, get this, a DPM mapcase and a folding shovel! Gift horse, I reckon.
In what I now see is a rather 'Gareth' move, it did live on my webbing for a while [grits teeth then exhales with a big blow] In my defence, it did prove most useful for scraping mud off my boots and, once boil in the bags came in, for opening the meal packets- our CO at the time wouldn't allow bayonets to leave the greased paper wrapping, but when the next one came in he insisted on fixed bayonets for all live field firing (which was nice), so I retired the K-Bar in favour of the issue mud scraper.
Glad you're impressed, though I've never wondered round camp telling people to tuck their PCS in they all do it anyway.
I Wonder!!!!!
Have you ever wandered around.......outside the camp, or
do you just mince about inside, with all your fighting knives,
ninja flails & Suunto Watch (bet you've got one of them too) ya posing REMF!:roll:
As a engr a 5 inch fixed blade knife comes in handy for a bit of work. The issue gerber is alright for camp tasks, **** all use for anything heavy duty.
.....Anyone confirm they're now getting Gerber multi-tools in the black bag?.....
Yes we are, the 'Crucial'? comes in a blister pack with a Silva headtorch and a Gerber hand torch.....fairly flimsy but as it's free not too bad.

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