Rules on personal knives?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by drz400:), Dec 16, 2011.

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  1. Are there any rules/laws on carrying your own knife out on tour or just in general? If so are there any restrictions?
  2. Don't cut the heads off dead Taliban with it?
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  3. What kind of knife? What do you want to use it for?
  4. Well the ******* would do it to us given the chance. Anyway I just meant for other things, cutting stuff...normal things...
  5. Just in general? Folding I guess, just normal use.
  6. Getting it out there-easy.
    Having it out there-easy.
    Getting it back-hard!
    There is a Herrick SOI detailing how to get personal 'items' back. Basically there is an annex to fill in and get signed by a responsible offr. Get caught without the paperwork and lose the knife.
  7. What you need is a big ****-off shiny Rambo style head-lopping-off bad muthafucka, a bit like this. That way you can either run around Bastion with it tucked into the front of your shop bought plate carrier so you can big time it whilst sorting the laundry, or as an alternative, you can run round Nadi chopping bits off Talibs. Your choice. I bet they do cheap postage for uber-waltenkommandos'

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  8. It's not a drama but as mentioned you'll need to do the paperwork.

    Go register your knife with the RMP cell when you arrive into theatre. There will be staff on hand during your RSOI to find out who to speak to.
  9. Just get an issued Leatherman. Put Knife.Fighting into a SCOC search and then demand one of several cool ones that aren't P class.....
  10. you bought 2 didn't you? One to carry around and look ali with and one that you put on your pillow and kiss it good night...... Its alright you can tell us, we won't tell anyone about it ;)
  11. You will have a new knife every day. Bastion cookhouse do a lovely white plastic one. Tuck that in your waistband Rambo.
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  12. Oh FFS, take an issued gerber and you'll get it back in your hold luggage easy. Take a BFO one and they'll take it of you as it's not needed.
  13. Tell that to the Gurkhas
  14. Exceptions made for Gurkha/Commando units...
  15. They're not doing anything different from every other infantry bde