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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Goku, Jun 16, 2005.

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  1. I’m not to sure what the rules are on hair length.
    I’m off to Pirbright this weekend for a course and I really don’t want the NCOs jumping all over me for something as daft as my hair.
    I’ve got about 4 inches in length hidden under my lid, should I get it chopped down to avoid a weekend of beastings or am I safe as it is?
  2. That man! Get a haircut...take his name BSM.
  3. No you wont get any beastings and noone will laugh at you, honest mullet head!
  4. 4 inches under your lid?

    Well not in my day (sound of rustling Torygraph).
  5. Clippers pleeeeeeease! :lol:
  6. Don't waste money on a hair-do. Simply take a lead from us gals.

    Gather up hair at back of head, roll into a bun, cover with bun net, pin back any loose straggly bits with a few hair grips and bingo! your beret fits nicely and nobody will shout at you.

    Handy tip. As you are doing a Guards type coursy thing make sure you bull your handbag.
  7. Point taken.
    You’ve probably just saved me a weekend of abuse, bet your kicking yourselves now!! :)

    Right where’s my clippers??
  8. Excuse the Americanism, but you wont go far wrong with "high & tight"
  9. You will be given a haircut anyway during the first week. It's up to you.
  10. I saw a young infantryman (regular, not TA) from a regiment I shan't name and shame (yet) doing a recruitment stand last week near where I live (might give you a clue as I'm a Londoner).

    This fellow had an outrageous comedy haircut, replete with gel, and enormous sidies. Very trendy. Went well with his T-shirt, C95 trousers and sexy SWAT boots combo.

  11. I’m only there for the weekend, I’m spreading my TAF3 course out over weekends.
    I spent 2 weeks at Pirbright back in February for TAF2. Strangely enough I’m actually looking forward to going back, I think I might have missed the place 8O 8O 8O
  12. Book yourself in for a lobotomy too.
  13. Hmmm, tricky subject this. On ops the "baldy" would sensibly be the lower maintenance, more functional option.
    In the UK (ie, non-deployed) though, I would have to say arrse to that barnet.
    In my own experience, my BC has made negative, hurtful and dispariging ( :wink: ) comments on the length of my retro 70's soldier chops a few times but, as far as I've read in the QR's, as long as I've not extended them below the earlobes I'm ok, so generally I tend to forget quite quickly what he's said. :D
    Also, the ultimate arbiter of taste, the badgeman, has said nothing about them, and that's me being inspected up Edinburgh Castle in blues.
    So, its up to you.
    I would say that longer hair on top and sides does look a bit crap sticking out of a beret but experiments have proved you can get away with it up to a number 4 on the sides.
    Or you could go for a David Beckham mohican mullet-I actually saw a BW recruit with this down the XL club at Redford!
  14. Nothing wrong with that as it lures the innocent to sign on the dotted.
    It follows a long tradition of army recruiting ie lie like a cheap rug about anything and everything to do with the job :lol:
  15. QRs only state that hair has to be neat and of a soldierly length, giving lots of scope for barrackroom lawyers.

    One unit I served with brought out it's interpretation of this:

    Not touching the ears, not touching the collar, shaped at the back but not cut square. Not extending below the little flaps in front of your earholes (whatever they are called - anyone know?). Shaved bald is not considered soldierly unless due to medical reasons i.e. shorter than No.3 is pushing it.

    The National Service quote "What's under your beret is yours, what isn't is mine." doesn't apply as you're still required to look soldierly when you're not wearing a hat.

    Add to this the requirement not to appear overtly military when not in uniform in public places and you're in a definite Catch 22 situation.