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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by nurse396, Jun 18, 2011.

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  1. Currently the BKS where I am accommodated is 7 miles from my place of work. Even though there are several BKS considerably closer

    The unit does palce transport on daily, however these transport times do not meet with my very variable work times, as I do shift work. I can wait upto 3 hrs for the next available transport from work, and get to work, a couple hours early.

    Furthermore, I regularly do oncall work, with a response time of 45 mins required. I have just accepted this and transported myself, with the added pain of paying for parking, which can not be claimed as transport is 'provided'.

    I have recently learnt that ATR pirbright, has several JNCO, living in SSSA. Is there a way I can apply for SSSA at my unit, as my justification must be just as strong if not stronger than those at ATR Pirbright, who could easily be accommodated at another bks, especially as they have no oncall commitment.
  2. The key point to SSSA is the non availability of service accommodation, and you have stated that there is accommodation available. I am unsure whether there is a minimum distance that accommodation has to be from your place of work in order to get SSSA, but if there is, it may well be over 7 miles. Why can they not accommodate you in one of the barracks closer to your place of work?
  3. no idea, my main question is how individuals at a unit closer to my accommodation get sssa, when surely they could be accomodated at the same bks as myself
  4. Sorry, no idea. Ask them how they happen to be in SSSA. I can only assume it is because their barracks is full and someone has said that they don't want them to live in other barracks. If you need specific rules on SSSA, drop me a PM and I shall have a look.
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    The green eyed monster is showing. I take it you get HDT.
  6. quick question asking for a friend , what is the mileage to get SSSA , he was told that on posting he would get SSSA but when he got there they told him no and but him in the barracks miles away. he has to use his own car to get to work .
  7. The standard is that sla should be within 10 miles if there is no public transport, or 45 minutes with public transport

    (note that it's a 10 mile radius and not road distance)

    The radius can be extended at head of establishments discretion, eg not putting everyone into sssa just because the nearest sla is just over 10 miles away

    There are other options including misappropriating sfa

    Remember that sssa means the mod renting private accommodation at full market rates and will seek value for money, and is also dependant on the local housing market

    See Jsp 464