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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by doubleduck, Aug 16, 2007.

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  1. Hi im not 100 percent on this one as yet as i have only asked 1 person from the RHQ staff(this due to everyone being on leave) however what are the rules on claiming MMA for leave? The roblem is that i am posted in BFG and my leave is taken in spain where my wifes father lives (he is named as NOK) i always put on my leave app his address but now i have been told that you can only claim on JPA if you are returning to UK??? If this is so i wont ever claim MMA for my leave ever again surely this cant be right!
    I have looked through the JSP (JPA Revised one) and cannot find the actual rules of claiming MMA @CLR for leave claims.
    The Jounrney is 1284 miles one way!!!!!
  2. Thanks for the help although its yet another cost saving excercise from the MOD!!!
  3. OLTS (Overseas Leave Travel Scheme, which has now finished) used to be 1200 miles mma @ clr per year (leave year) as long as you had at least 12 months at the overseas unit (otherwise abaited), or that was 1 of the options that you had anyway, you could use it in europe.