Rules on claiming MMA

Hi im not 100 percent on this one as yet as i have only asked 1 person from the RHQ staff(this due to everyone being on leave) however what are the rules on claiming MMA for leave? The roblem is that i am posted in BFG and my leave is taken in spain where my wifes father lives (he is named as NOK) i always put on my leave app his address but now i have been told that you can only claim on JPA if you are returning to UK??? If this is so i wont ever claim MMA for my leave ever again surely this cant be right!
I have looked through the JSP (JPA Revised one) and cannot find the actual rules of claiming MMA @CLR for leave claims.
The Jounrney is 1284 miles one way!!!!!
OLTS (Overseas Leave Travel Scheme, which has now finished) used to be 1200 miles mma @ clr per year (leave year) as long as you had at least 12 months at the overseas unit (otherwise abaited), or that was 1 of the options that you had anyway, you could use it in europe.

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