Rules of the forum ....but not as arrsey

After following a news search about the US shooting in Afghan I came across this same as us website, as they seem just as black humoured and have a wide view of beliefs as arrse. (some of what I just said is stretching the truth quite a lot). Rules and Regulations But check out the rules about engaging with the opposite gender, policie (b)
I think we should all join and see how long it would take us to get banned.
Jeez most of us on here would last about 5 minutes before being banned.
Don't LOL at another genders comments, no smilies at another genders comments.....thank fcuk I'm a crusader.
Seriously though there is a lot of Kuffir this and "Don't give them an excuse to lock our Muslim Brothers and Sisters up by talking 'openly' about terrorism".
Still if they're as linked to muslim fanatics as some ARSSErs are to the Military we're safe enough.
This is the rule that ARRSE should have:

5. This is not a matrimonial message board; any member found using the forums for soliciting marriage in any way, publicly or via PMs will receive an immediate ban.
........and this lot:

B. Gender Relations (GR)

1. Smiling or winking emoticons directed at the opposite gender are not allowed.

2. LOLing directly at the opposite gender's posts is not allowed.

3. Joking with the opposite gender is not allowed.

4. Excessively praising the opposite gender is not allowed.

5. Flattering the opposite gender is not allowed.

6. Declaring your love (for the sake of Allah) to the opposite gender is not allowed.

7. Friend requests should not be made to the opposite gender; this is considered free-mixing and will be moderated.
This is the rule that ARRSE should have:
Be fair, how would half of Arrse actually get laid if you brought in that rule.
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