Rules of Engagement

For all the whinging gits out there at the moment, can I just draw your attention to a few things. Namely

The site moderators exist to ensure that the site is managed in accordance with the policy detailed above. They are to decide how the policy is implemented in their own forum and may wish to post details of their moderation policy. Please repect the moderators' decisions, but if you have any complaints about moderation policies, write to admin @ or to one of the "COs" using the site Instant Message system.
Does that make it a bit more clearer, or would you like to keep clogging up webspace with your pathetic drivel? (Yes, I know, a bit rich coming from me).

If you don't like it, you know what to do.

(Sorry if its been repeated, and no-one read the top thread on this forum - which is here

Yours, Sluggy xx

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