Rules of Engagement

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by Chunkie, Oct 28, 2012.

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  1. What are the current Rules Of Engagement in Afghanistan at present? I am asking out of genuine curiosity regarding the safety of our Lads and Lasses. Unless of course they are classified?
  2. The collecting of ears should be done surreptitiously!
  3. 'Whatever you do, don't get caught doing it' - or a variation thereof.

    I doubt you'll have too many disclosing the current RoE.
  4. Won't affect you as you've been disbanded. Concentrate more on getting that job in the churchyard.
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  5. If you needed to know the RoE you wouldn't have to ask.
  6. They are RESTRICTED.
  7. Fair enough!
  8. So find a Private and buy him a beer...
  9. "we come in peace, shoot to kill"
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  10. All potential engagements must be preceded by the issue of a questionnaire cunningly worded to ascertain if the potential target questioned is in fact on the 'other side'. Engagement may only occur after said questionnaire has been completed, signed by both the questioned and potential engager and faxed to HQ ISAF for clearance.

    Clearance forms are done in triplicate, a copy for the War Diary, copy for the engager and a copy to pinned to the front of the engaged target.

    To avoid delays in engagements (and therefore avoid a protracted campaign) confirmation of engagement status is issued by express courier.

    Should an authorised engagement not result in a dead target - the form that should be on the target must be returned to HQ ISAF (by fax) for countersignatures.

    Retrieving this form under these circumstances is proving to be problematic; LEGAD is working on a system where fled targets can return forms by prepaid envelope.
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  11. All forms have to be submitted 14 days in advance of said contact as Army legal have to confirm all legalities first.

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  12. If they're a muslim you get to kill them, no worries at all.
  13. So were instructions for using the block washing machine, QM opening hours and the recipe for the cookhouse stew.
    Rules of Engagement, however, has a couple of birds with decent norks.
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  14. Should have thought of that earlier
  15. Don't forget the risk assessments.