Rules of Engagement

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Lairdx, May 29, 2005.

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  1. Have just purchased 'Rules of Engagement; A Life in Conflict.' which was on special offer at ASDA. have got through the first chapter about Sierra Leone. It (the book) is well written and So far I am enjoying it. The author is that Collins bloke from 1 Royal Irish.

    Anyone else read it? Anyone from 1 R Irish care to comment?
  2. Not a bad read actually. The bloke comes accross well. He seems modest and is undoubtedly very clever. He gives a good account of himself and if the book is to be believed his devotion to the men in the R Irish Regt is heartfelt.

    His description of attrocities in Sierra Leone are graphic, detailed and emotive while at the same time there is no glamourising of events or people.

    I would recomend it. Good book.
  3. Hello Lairdx. I too have been reading Col. Tim's book. It's a workmanlike account in my opinion, not that it's a bad thing. He gets my respect for not "larging it" over his clearly extensive SF experience (e.g. Tim on GW1 is as elaborate at this: I served in 22 SAS in GW1. Period.) unless he's saving them for the sequel (because he's piqued my interest).

    It's also clear that his style was never going to propel him to high rank, he obviously doesn't give a shite about what others think of him. What they should do, though, is send him to West point to teach the spams counter-insurgency doctrine. How ironic that this thoughtful man, who clearly understood the need to carefully balance carrot and stick, was accused of "war crimes."

    Lastly, it's full of gems like when he had to sack 47 Scousers from 1 RIR after the Merseyside Ecstasy Cartel decided to use the regiment's squaddies as drug emissaries in Canterbury. How I larfed.

  4. Perhaps he still wants to be allowed into Hereford every now and then without some irate SAS types ejecting him?