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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by gobbyidiot, Feb 2, 2009.

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  1. From today's Independent 2/2/09

    "On Thursday, just after midday, Afghan and British troops entered their next target, Lakari, to find the town near-deserted. As they turned into the market place, travelling along potholed roads, they were met by 107mm rockets. Major Andy Watkins, mentoring the Afghan forces, had the Taliban commander in the sight of his SA80 rifle. "I could see him quite distinctly; he was in a black dishdash and wearing a dark turban. He was gesticulating and men were following his orders. I looked hard, but could not see any weapons," he explained. "Under the rules of engagement on this op I wasn't in a position to fire."

    Surely if he was exercising a command function?

    How far does this line of reasoning extend? Can they skirmish forward unopposed if they put the weapons in fertiliser bags?
  2. RoE will not be discussed here.

    Rather obvious, really.
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  4. He has a good point!!!
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  6. Was a genuine greeting nothing else, and yes his point was very valid and well made.
  7. I know on Telic 9 we got the nod from the army legal people to take out any one calling IDF in. Usualy identifed by the fact they are on a high building with binos whilst on a mob phone during an attack.

  8. Random bloke in black skirt dancing in the middle of the street (ipod hidden under turban) during a fire fight does not equate to a taliban commander, he has no weapon and since the only country that has a shoot to kill policy on dancing in the street or sitting on an underground train at the moment is the UK, Maj Watkins was right not to shoot in this instance.
  9. I don’t agree, if the bloke on the ground genuinely believes that the individual is a threat to his life or the life of those around them then they have just earned them selves a bullet. If the ROE in Afghan are not robust enough to facilitate this then our senior commanders should be ashamed of them selves.

  10. You would shoot an unarmed bloke waving his arms in the street? Hope you have a good lawyer.
  11. An "Immediate" Threat to life "Then and There"?

    I think not!
  12. I would shoot any one who I thought was a threat to my self or my blokes and sleep soundly. As I said it is down to the guy on the ground to gauge the situation and not over react. If he is clearly a member or the leader of your enemy then as I said as far as I am concerned he is a legit target. I would rather be in prison for being robust enough to make the right decision than at the funeral of one of my lads for making the wrong one.

  13. I would rather be out of prison and able to shoot plenty more who pose a genuine threat with weapons in their hands rather than banged up for being a criminal because I shot Achmed whilst he was doing a Riverdance.

    I do hope you're not in anyway a Commander as your ability to think outside the box and appreciate the bigger picture seems limitted at best!
  14. Of course its only ashame he was awake . :D
    If we are in a war fighting phase lawyers should be the lest of our worries .I would hope your average Major would be able to tell if some one
    was a combatant or not .
    We might as well make our roe be "Do what you will" as lawyers jump on anything anyway .There has been a very cynical belief that firing your weapon would lead to trouble I thought that sort of rubbish had gone away
    due to the nature of the afganistian conflict.
  15. I've never experienced this in the two current conflicts.

    Thats because the lads used their common sense and didn't decide to push the boat out by thinking they could shoot someone who was unarmed and not posing an Immediate threat to life.

    The Major made the correct choice and the Positive propaganda is good for the message back home and away. We are there for the right reasons and not all baby killing rapists.