Rules For Signed Off Personnel

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by he_man, Sep 16, 2005.

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  1. Just wondering if anyone out there can help.

    Is there documentation out there which lets signed off soldiers know what they can and can't do once they have handed in their notice. Many different sources have been contacted but with no joy. I believe this document exists as I recall seeing it once, I would just like to know my rights after many years of service.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Yours Truly

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  2. You don't have any. You will be deployed, faffed around and generally treated like dirt until the day you leave depending on the level of decent management employed within your unit. In short the army does not owe you anything and re-settlement is a privilege, not a right. At least it was 5 years ago when I did mine.
  3. Sounds like my experience

    12 years service then got treated like dirt becuase I had "betrayed" them

    Truth is its really down to your boss, my TSM was pretty good about it but he got posted and I had to deal with a new staffy trying to prove a point. We alomst came to blows at the end when I had paid for a course out my own pocket as I had to claim it back afterwards on producing receipts, then Kosovo came calling and I was told they were sending me. The company wouldn't return the money as it was so close to the course and the pay Office said they wouldn't cover the costs, so I was 2 grand down and looking at another 6 months or more away.

    Luckly I caused so much shiite that they relented and took me off the orbat, don't get me wrong I would of loved to have gone but I had only just returned from Bos and had a job lined up and everything (plus they way I was treated up to that point annoyed me so I felt I din't owe them a thing)
  4. That sounds exactly like me. Returned from Bos in early 99, 11 year point, signed off. Booked my re-settlement course and was deployed to Kosovo 1 week before the course was due to start. Returned to the UK later on in the year and ran around like a headless chicken trying to do all of the things which I should have done in the previous 6 months.
  5. The best thing that you can do is speak to your Coy/Sqn Clerk. Depending in your unit and how long you've done there are various scenarios. You get your Resettlement Grant (£800+), you NRSA (£2000+), most companies who do the resettlement know exactly how much your entitled to and their courses cost the exacy amount you need. You will however be made to pay for the majority of it yourself (a small Cash Advance will be made by the unit). Your AGC Det Comd/RAOWO/Docs Suprvisor should be able to advise. Your best bet is to see them first as they are independant of your Capabadge and should give you better information. Let me know how you get on.
  6. I signed off end of last month and have the following advice:

    1. Get an interview with your IERO (He works in the local AEC), you must have this within 28 days of signing off, unless there is a good operational reason.
    2. Get an interview with your unit resettlement officer - normally the RCMO or RAO.
    These 2 people will give you chapter and verse on what you are entitled to, and what is available as a privelege.

    Your Resettlement training grant will be 534 quid if you're entitled (depends on time served), you can claim subsistence allowance for training too, but you will need receipts. You can use your SLC and ELCs too, but not for the same course, basically you'll need to do 3 courses to use all you entitlements.

    Other than that, speak to the IERO and URO ASP, they are the sources of info to trust.

    Also get on a CTW (ask the IERO) asp too, to get access to other info.

    As the others have said though, you are fair game for tours etc. (I'm on TELIC 7, Get out in Aug 06) There is guidance in the TELIC LAND mounting instruction for COs, stating you should not be in theatre during your last 6 months, but it is not mandated.
  7. Speedy is partly right - resettlement is an eligibility, not an entitlement, unless you have done 16 years, at which point it becomes an entitlement.

    You remain fully depolyable during your run out period; you are after all, still taking the Queen's shilling.
  8. Eh? Just cos you've signed off doesn't mean you've already left. You're drawing the same wage as everyone else and you should do your work to the best of your ability. By the tone of your post, you're trying to find loopholes to allow you do less work and palm it all off on your muckers. The worst is NCOs who sit around and destroy the morale of the lads under them. They should get reduced in rank or have the decency to revert and give the responsibility to the guys who deserve - and want - it. I'd support any of my blokes who are leaving but if they're gobshiite w@nkers who have served a couple of years, sign off when they're expected to do a bit of work then have a year sitting around dodging PT and generally take the pish then I have no sympathy. If you're a good lad with a positive attitude then you'll get every support but remember that the rest of the world doesn't owe you a living.

    HOWEVER...the blokes who have done 22 years are a different kettle of fish. Even if they're annoying halfwits who you can't stand, they deserve almost the entire year off to resettle, as they've given the best years of their life to The Queen. Any boss worth their salt should square them away with work placements, college days and other stuff whenever possible.

    But that's just my view.
  9. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    And mine. Top post by C-S.
  10. Does anyone know the rules concerning the last 6 months at a local unit before finishing 22 years?

    I know i should go to the Admin Office but they are busy getting ready for a docs inspection plus would like to know if they are giving me the brush off when i do go and see them.

    Thanks in advance

  11. Any chance of including this as a foreward to the JSP 534?
  12. I suffered the same fate as wellyhead, gave my year's notice as of right to leave and the following day was rewarded with a posting to XMG for my pains! They had made space for another SNCO there.....all just for me!! This tour was then compounded by a second wonderful attachment to the roulement bn in Belfast for another 4 months. Yipee!

    I left the forces a little bitter and twisted with the sheer level of mismanagement by officers who should know better.

    Some things never change!
  13. I think it all depends on the standard of seniors and officers you are serving under at the time. I was certainly at units where guys who signed off got all the jiff jobs and sh*te postings in their final 12 months, the attitiude seemed to be 'well they're leaving so who gives a f*ck'.

    Personally i struck lucky. My bosses basically said you sctratch our back, we'll scratch yours. I cracked on and made sure the kit was repaired and out of the workshop ASAP. The result was, i didn't do a single exercise in my final 12 months. My boss also stood my corner when the initial Bos thing kicked off and they wanted to get me back from resettlement, mind i only had 2 months left by then, but i certainly wouldn't have volunteered for another 6 months of arrse.

    Long time ago now, but i'm sure 'attitudes' haven't changed that much.
  14. My understanding of the last 6-month rule at a local unit is very much a Regt/Corps specific decision. I worked at a Bde where we often got guys posted onto our held strength for 6 months whilst they tended their rose bushes in the garden. Other cap-badges get every last ouce of sweat out of you, because, well, they can. I would speak to your RCMO who should have a good link to MCM Div but in this day and age you will probably be lucky if you get it. Good luck!!
  15. This is a common question and results from confusion over a number of different eligibilities, entitlements and allowances.

    For the record this is an Adjutant / RCMO question - I note that a large proportion of the 'poor advice' given to members on this forum by 'Admin staff' results from asking the wrong person. If you have a documentation, pay or pension question by all means ask the admin wallahs.

    But to answer your question:

    From QRs (Para 9.264)

    Special privileges

    A soldier listed in the categories below may apply to spend the last 6 months of his Colour service in the United Kingdom. The categories are:

    A soldier serving on an engagement on the completion of which he will have accrued 22 or more years Colour service. This is subject to the soldier being discharged at the end of his engagement or having given notice in the prescribed manner.

    A soldier who is to be discharged or transferred to the Reserve on or after the completion of 12 years or more service but less than 22 at the end of his engagement, or due notice having been given. Such a case would be subject to the exigencies of the Service.

    Note - only applies to those personnel serving outside the UK. However, it is commonly confused with

    Final Tour of Duty Provision

    Service personnel, who wish to serve accompanied, but who have to serve their final tour of duty in an area other than that for which they expressed a first preference, can be assisted in settling their family in the area in the UK in which they intend to retire. The assistance provided is in the form of SCS Removals and Disturbance Allowance, payable at any time during the final tour before the Service individual’s last day of service

    rules are complex, but the main caveat is:

    They are serving [accompanied] at a duty station more than 50 miles or 1½ hours travelling time from the location for which they expressed a first preference

    First preference usually means the area you put on your last posting preference before you received your final posting order.

    That one is pay / allowances - but rarely seen so best to ask the RAO / FSA or at least Sys Coord.