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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by civpop42, Nov 14, 2009.

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  1. I left the forces over a decade ago, but, I remember hearing a story about a geezer in the Falklands war who carried around an IWS that had been destroyed by enemy fire (throughout the entire campaign); his reason was: it had been signed out in his name, and he was determined to make sure that it was returned to the QM's - no matter what.

    During my service, this story rings a bell of truth.

    Is it still the same nowadays?
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Nope - there is a degree of realism in the Forces now. Shit happens and kit gets written off.

    Ain't a problem is what I hear.
  3. Not normally as **** as that but it depends on the QM and RQ.

    A true story from my own experience: while in Macedonia '99 I had to sign for six camp beds and a kero heater in our 12 x 12. Went off on a two day job which ended up lasting three weeks, by the end of which the location had moved and the tent and kit had been packed up. On my return I spoke to our SQ who promised that the 1033 had been ripped up. Fast forward to '01 when clearing from the unit on posting, I found that not only had the 1033 not been ripped up but it had somehow been resigned evey six months without me knowing about it. Fortunately the SQ vaguely remembered the situation and so it got sorted out and I cleared and left the unit.

    Three years later I was posted back in for two years. On leaving in '06 I was clearing from the QM's and a 1033 was produced, signed less than 6 months previously, for six camp beds and a kero heater. They also produced a 1033 for a couple of items of comms kit from an exercise in '98. It was only when I produced the proof that the comms kit had been BLR'd and backloaded seven years earlier and offered to invite SIB down to discuss seven years of forged paperwork that they agreed to sort their paperwork out.

    However, to be honest, these days on ops things are normally dealt with using a fair amount of commmon sense.

    edited to be fair to QM staff on current ops
  4. No, nowadays the IWS would have been handed back to the CQ ASP so that it could be repaired and returned. He would be issued a new one from the repair pool so that he could carry on his mission.

    Well, on my planet this is what happens anyway.
  5. I heard that the 'geezer in the Falklands' was told by his QM on return that the IWS he was holding was actually on the 'Atlantic Conveyor' when she went down.
  6. Over time these things enter a special zone where numbers and scale can change at will without any outside influence. A similar thing happens with 'the balcony'. Apparently there were over 10,000 of 'them' who were the second man on it, including me, but I don't like to talk about it, so keep it to yourselves. :D

    I was mistakenly issued with a third black tie which I still have. Should I hand myself in now?