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Ruler Writing.

We have all been issued PCs since you left! Anyway as we are the only mess that anyone actually takes note of, it was important that our writing was neat.


“fuckin....erm ..... yeah right

Llizard’s’! Irregardless (is this thing on?) of what youse blue-blooded tossers THINk about us in the M ess , I wood pacifically like to state here and now that we real soldiers not only wOrk for aliving but not only also have justasmush as a of a good idea how to use playstashun computas As youse fuckas. Fuckin........

If only one half of youse worked as half as hard as theyy make youse work on SENIOR (turntotherightgainhightandsaloote) then you would underStand whow (bollocks, no) how to neutralise your time in the correct manner. LIZARDS!

Right...fuckin... nuff said.

WO2 (RQMS) Dave P******d


How do you make this fucka saind seaynd , you know, so other geezers can read it an that?

Oh, that o


War Hero
I thought for a second that this board was going to be about Her Majesty...

Oh well, as we're on the subject, could you also get hold of a copy of JSP101 and join in with the rest of the MoD instead of making up all sorts of signature blocks?
and there was me thinking (hoping actually) that the CGS might have a little bit more to worry about than Signature Blocks.

Reassuring though that this site really is lifelike.


War Hero
Dear RSM,

I have obviously nothing better to do with my time, what with Tony taking personal command of the teeth arms of all 3 services, and Boycie waging his remote control war with tomahawks...

And I have just had to send out my ADC chappie to get more Gin.  Useless Boy, but that's what you get when you're given one of the coldstream lot
I can't even get that far.....

When it says hit ANY key to continue......I can never find the ANY key on my keyboard.......anyone know the number for the Help Desk?.........


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