Rule of thumb?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Grey_Mafia65, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. Yes, spot on

  2. No, dick is much smaller

  3. No, thumb is too small

  4. No, I can't take my thumb out my arrse to measure it


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  1. I've just been told that on average, a man's cock is three times the size of his thumb.

    So get the rulers out lads and tell me, do I stop asking about shoe size and now just look at his thumbs?
  2. Have you got a c0ck fetish?
  3. Oh yes :p
  4. No point posting mine then :roll:
  5. You tell me GM! Does the rule of thumb apply? 8O
  6. I have a 4 inch thumb so thats about right.
  7. Lengthwise, spot on; unfortunately, it's also true in reverse for girth. :cry:
  8. Yes its true.

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  9. I have to say Kirkz, I've never looked at your thumbs... :wink:
  10. Sort of works but the little ninja doesn't have a nail!
  11. GM like most of your Corps you should be interested in quantity not quality .
  12. Silly's just a thing to get you all checking thumbs and dicks. :roll:

    Ahem, is that on the slack or bone.. :?: just curious.