Rule change will let Gurkhas settle in Britain

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, May 18, 2006.

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  1. These are immigrants that i would gladly welcome to my country!

  2. This should have been granted long ago, anyone serving in our armed forces should have the right to settle and live here, they've put more on the line for this country than many others (myself included)
  3. If more and more ex-Gurkhas decide to stay in Britain it will hopefully allow them to finally get paid at the same rate as a British soldier. The Gurkhas have done a lot for this country and they deserve equal pay and a decent pension.
  4. Agree totally, these guys deserve it.

    Now send the chavs to Nepal.
  5. Damn, beat me to it.
  6. About time, I'd rather ex British soldiers and their family's, got visas than the bloody polish and other east europeans.

    Mind you some of the chicks are ok :wink:
  7. Quality, if you stand as a n MP i'll vote for you if that's one of your policies.

    But do you think that they are going to be willing to take our off casts in return for their quality blokes, and anyway how would the chavs get their lowered Nova's up the mountains??

  8. About time they got some good treatment, i would gladly live in a street where all my neighbours were ex-gurkhas. You wouldn't get any shit off the local yobbo's and the curries would be fantastic.

    Hope we see loads of them arriving -they deserve it.
  9. Scarey little buggers!! :threaten:
  10. Good for them. We're halfway there. Now all we need to do is pay them a decent wage...
  11. Thoroughly deserved, about time.

    I'll never be grateful enough for what the Gurkha Engineers did to our portakabin in FI.

    Turned it from a shitehole into a shitehole with a porch.

    Classy and a good job well done.
  12. At last..... Hope a few make thier way to Ashford as my firm will be needing a few LGV drivers next year for a new contract. I,ll let my boss know about that. As wha_Dar said earlier , all we have to do now is find a way to kick out the chav scum polluting our streets & welfare system.

  13. LT
    Ya gonna have to change ya avatar........I'm strangly drawn and getting f*ckall work done........... :pc:
  14. And you accuse me of doing nothing.