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Ruining songs for good

And Bohemian Rhapsody



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Singing this in English is not quite the same, still stirring in the Sqn bar however...........

All jolly stirring - till you hear that a number of Goering's hardcore uber sky soldiers were despatched by Cretan housewives armed with kitchen implements on landing.

Kinda takes away some of their Weltschaumekrieggestaltenunterdenlinden balls when you hear that.....

They lost so many casualties on that drop that they were never again used in the airborne role after Crete.....

Quite a sensible analysis here : Battle of Crete - Wikipedia
- also a thread in Military History on Op Merkur

The German Air Ministry was shocked by the number of transport aircraft lost in the battle, and Student, reflecting on the casualties suffered by the paratroopers, concluded after the war that Crete was the death of the airborne force. Hitler, believing airborne forces to be a weapon of surprise which had now lost that advantage, concluded that the days of the airborne corps were over and directed that paratroopers should be employed as ground-based troops in subsequent operations in the Soviet Union.[17]

After 1945, the FJ commander, General Student narrowly avoided being tried for war crimes for ordering the mass shootings of Cretan civilians. Greek government tried to have him extradited. He served 5 years in prison, and died at home in 1978.

This is the testimony of a German officer who was himself tried for treason and imprisoned shortly before the end of the war

Wayback Machine

German speakers get charged treble in Crete.


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I win!


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Reading through the thread about Radio 2 and the levels of irritation levelled at various DJs, it struck me that there is no shortage of songs/tunes that can be very easily ruined for good when someone points something out about it.

Mine would be "Skyfall", sung by the then 'curvy' Adele. As a Bond theme I quite liked it, up to the point that I heard the London/estuary accent butchering the words in the chorus. She either can't or won't sing/enunciate the 'll' at the end of each line, turning it into:

Let the sky fawwwww,
When it crumbawwwwwws,
We will stand tawwwwwwwww
Face it aww together
At Skyfawwwwwwwwww
At Skyfawwwwwwwwww

What other songs can be instantly ruined with one observation?
And the heavy breathing these so called singers of today do, it’s awful, compare a modern song, I don’t know any I just get to suffer when my daughter is in the car with a classic singer of days gone by.
Just listen to the words, beautifully sung.



This was the blatant murder of an 80's classic by Taylor Swift. Made worse by the fact that Def Leppard not only thought that she could pull this off but then appeared on stage with her. My niece showed me this thinking I would be impressed with this butchering of the soundtrack to my teen years.

I have no words for how bad this is. Its basically ear rape. You have been warned.

As mentioned by Dennis Leary “Def Leppard are so shit their drummer should cut off his other arm and play with his head”.
I mentioned it in the music thread but I really think the BBC orchestra and Mark Roachford have messed this one up


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