ruination of pubs

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ordinaryforces, Jun 11, 2008.

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  1. Is it just me or do anybody else think that the out of town pub's are now fcuked? I ask this because of all the PC shyte that now invades everypart of our lives. Dont smoke because my child is within 500 yds....well take the brat home then .Dont smoke because I'm having a meal...well fcuk off to a restaurant then.By pubs I mean real pubs not the stainless steel smoke glass homo gathering place's that abound :evil: as for grammar and syntax read disclaimer below.
  2. Shhhhh.... careful!

    Too much descent and the Labour Junta will ban pubs completely.

  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I take it your problem is smoking, not in out of town pubs per say?

    I don't have any problem with the non smoking policy. Means that I will actually take my missus and kids into a pub now. Couldn't before as Mrs ITC wouldn't go. We live in a village and the number of people that use the local has increased significantly, much to the pleasure of the owner who now has a far more viable business.

    Off you go to the smoking area, outcast :D

    PS - considering the price of fags now (£6.80 a packet in the machine in our place - ouch), how can you afford to both smoke and drink.....?
  4. Odd as it may seem smoking is'nt my problem, I was only using that as one example....I have a bigger problem with other people's squealing brats running about the place and having to tolerate the smell of substandard food being eaten, a pub is for grownup's not children
  5. have to agree, pubs really have gone down hill, even now country pubs are being turned into loud tacky bars with those annoying fruit machines and kids, not to mention being plastered with flags everytime there is a match on.
  6. So you like a fag in the back of a pub...?
  7. Most 'out of town' pubs are just a variety of McDonalds with crap beer.

    Conglomerate owned and run by fuckwits wearing naff 'corporate' style polo shirts with 'Staff' written on the chest.

    Mock rustic tat nailed to the walls with the obligatory horse brass (usually plastic plated tat).

    Microwaved Sunday lunches that are the rural equivalent of McDonalds.

    Full of chavs who insist on bringing all their retarded offspring out for a 'special family day out'. You can tell it’s special because they are wearing their best football tops and whitest of white trainers.

    'Guest beers' consist of a barrel of pisswater purchased on the cheap in Chernobyl.

    Car park full of Daz and Tracy mobiles with more add ons than Halfords.

    Obligatory 90 inch plasma screen TV with oik ball being shown continuously.

    Soft drinks all come out of the same hose pipe.

    I generally avoid any rural pub that has a tacky banner proclaiming it has 'Live kissball and karaoke' nailed to its mock tudor outer framework.

    We eat out every Sunday and we are lucky that we still have a few proper traditional family owned and family run village pubs (a couple still allow you to smoke at one end of the bar ;) ). I steer well clear of the current fashionable 'theme country pub' with any of the above combat indicators. They cater for people who get their sole education from The News of The World and base their career structure on winning the lottery.

    I suppose I just generally hate people.
  8. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Sh1t, mate. Really? Never noticed before :D
  9. TLF
    I see you are sitting on the fence with this one :D
  10. Why didn't you just say Wetherspoons? We would have all known what you meant.
  11. Wetherspoons are ok. They do what they say on the tin to be honest. They're not trying to be 'Ye Olde Spit and Grommit'. They're just a bland fastish food pub with a few more tables than a normal pub.

    We have one pub down our way that used to be wonderful. Its situated next to a beautiful river, loverly setting and the food used to be a notch above the usual Sunday lunch specials. They have a large outside garden area that is just the best place to sit on a summers afternoon watching the locals fly fishing. Unfortunately, it was taken over by one of the chains recently and has turned into a 'venue'. What I find ridiculous is they have a no smoking policy outside for fucksake. I'm more than happy not smoking inside but outside???


    I really do hate them.
  12. Flashmeister, there is one down here just the same. I went for a lovely lunch with one of my troopies and a mate. The rather buxom barmaid came out to tell us we couldn't smerk tabs at the table and had to move to nearer the river - this was about 5 feet from the ashtray they had provided but because we were sat at the tables - no siree - not allowed.

    How much fun it was watching the ducks trying to catch the fag butts whilst people went past us on their long boats.

    (Less for the bit when she went inside and we completely disobeyed her and made it the ME to miss the ashtray - that will learn her!)
  13. As a person who actually enjoys drinking a pint of good ale once in a while, and the occasional smoke, the current trend in pubs hacks me right off.

    Our two village pubs have turned into those dreadful androgenous gastro-pub efforts, over- priced bangers and mash (£9.75 for two sausages and a plate of reconstituted mash with Homepride sauce poured on top or £11.55 for fecking boil in the bag "kangaroo burgers" ffs!), smokers are exiled to the pavement and they are suffering badly

    There are a very few great pubs left in the area, places where good beer is served properly, proper provision has been made for smokers, wine is for the wimmin. kids are unwelcome and anyone asking for lager is scowled at.

    Those places that proudly invited people to "come in and watch live sports on Sky on our big screen TV", or tried to become kiddie's playgrounds or pretended to be "Russian Themed Vodka Bars" or "Authentic Thai Restaurants" are thankfully disappearing reapidly back into oblivion.

    The aforementioned decent pubs are full to the brim, but if they go for any reason, then I'm either back to drinking at home (where I can enjoy the freedom to smoke and the absence of other people's brats) or on the wagon.

    Shame, like Routemaster busses, red telephone boxes and the village post office, the tradition of the English pub is slipping into history.

    I love this country, but I fu*cking hate this PC obsessed nanny state
  14. I know what you mean mate, gastro pubs are fine for a working lunch or uncomfortable Mothers Day get together, but I still like a proper spit and sawdust boozer full of bikers and pissed up paddies, for a night out with the boys.
    Luckily, I've just discovered a nice little local that sells Ascot Ales "Shagadelic Session" 3.8 ABV, and has all the ACDC, Iron Maiden and Whitesnake on the Jukebox, you could ever wish for. :)
  15. Two pubs in your village?

    No-one likes a show off!

    I was up home a few months ago and Le Famille Toppers and I took the 2 dogs to the pub (one pub in my village). We were immediately hoofed into the beer garden at the back (in the pissing rain) because we had dogs and the pub sold food.

    Gone are the days where you could take your dog for a walk to the local, have a pint and smerk a tab.

    Smoking kills? So does fucking pneumonia!