Rugger vs Footie

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by tattooedlady, Apr 25, 2007.

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  1. Ah, drool drool, thanx TL i will have a rugger bugger anyday.......
  2. Footballers legs are sexy but rugby thighs they're just mmmmmmmm

    *toddles off to find some more thighs to drool over*
  3. as i say football is a big goal with a small ball and when they score they get a kiss...............where with rugby the only kiss comes from knuckles!!! plus also rugby has the players wearing tight shorts over football anyday
  4. Rugby. The true sport of kings.

    You will notice that the majority of diving footie players are spaniards, and the majority of foottie players telling them to get the fook up and stop pissing about are English.

    Rugby. A game for thugs, played by gentlemen.

    Football. A game for gentlemen played by thugs.

    Nuff said
  5. You're not drooling over my thighs you mong. Go find a window to lick...
  6. Ok if i have just a little drool matelot?
  7. There is a lot him to drool over :wink:
  8. Ok please ignore my last post, i withdraw my request to drool...
  9. Absolutely. Although my club is the exception that proves the rule. Bunch of animals to a man! :D
  10. Rugger ? What's that then ?
  11. Ah right, got it now. You mean 'kick and clap' !

    I follow the code where they run with the ball - Superleague. :D